Friday Giftures and Goal Disappointment

It is Friday and things have been a little too ambitious up in here.  For instance, I hear the weather in the vortexy area of the United States is working overtime stacking two inches of fat stacks of white frozen angel water upon the grounds of Georgia. When even weather is trying to meet goals, it … Continue reading Friday Giftures and Goal Disappointment

Bread Bitterness

If you are not a nutritional expert like me, then you will probably not know this about bread.  It has carbs, which means some people avoid bread and it other gang members like the bulbonic plague.  If bread was a person, it would be one of those unassuming people, perhaps a co-worker or friend on facebook that … Continue reading Bread Bitterness

In case you missed it…because you were busy failing at playing in traffic

I understand weekends get really busy doing things like perusing the internet for movies to go to, watching people on TV hiking and biking and watching the snow outside not being shoveled.  Then there is the whole playing in traffic.  Since I am an observer of other people in general, and also a connoisseur of … Continue reading In case you missed it…because you were busy failing at playing in traffic

Face Punching Bitter Friday Pictures

If this week had a face I would punch it.  Co-workers talking to me, bosses demanding I do actual work, drivers on the freeway asking that I pay attention to the road at least 25% of the time...It has been brutal.  Since I have no boxing experience and never got into any brawls other than the one where someone punched … Continue reading Face Punching Bitter Friday Pictures

Noize Bitterness

Alanis Morrisette (are you still alive?) take note.  10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife is not ironic.  The other night I called T-mobile on my cell phone to add my wife as another line on my cell phone plan.  It took 20 minutes, 3 transfers, 2 calls and my wife intervening to … Continue reading Noize Bitterness

In case you missed it…you didn’t miss much

You may or may not know that I'm bitter about stuff.  Sometimes it's the little things that nice people don't really see and other times it's real stuff that makes everyone Bitter.  Traffic, losing at stuff and head injuries...stuff like that.  Well, this week, real life job and real life work interfered with stuff, plus … Continue reading In case you missed it…you didn’t miss much

Bitter Failure Friday Pictures

This week has been nothing but failures all around.  For instance, today should be Saturday and I've been having a case of clinomania.  I mentioned moving earlier in the week to a new building for work.  Everything related to that went as bitterly as possible.  It's too hot here, the water isn't hot enough to use in my oatmeal, my back … Continue reading Bitter Failure Friday Pictures

Moving Bitterness

Moving sucks.  I have done it several times in my life and it is life draining.  One time when I was about nine months old, I was asked to leave the nice warm body I was inside and was pulled out into a bright loud world.  I was so used to the couch like environment that I … Continue reading Moving Bitterness

In Case You Missed It…because you were trying to Save Mr. Banks

If anyone has seen the epic, Saving Mr. Banks, you've seen one of the bitterest characters in cinema history. No, I'm not talking about Walter Disney.  The point of the movie wasn't about how P.L. Travers wrote this book about a nanny called Mary Poppins, but how she humiliated the Walt guy by telling him … Continue reading In Case You Missed It…because you were trying to Save Mr. Banks

2014 Retrospective and Friday Giftures

It's been a crazy year, 2014, and I think that today, January 10th is a good time to reflect back on what a crappy year it was.  I can barely remember any good movies, music, or quite frankly moments at all.  Like I guess New Year's was an okay day because I didn't have to … Continue reading 2014 Retrospective and Friday Giftures

Bitterness for Dummies

Take a seat everyone, class is about to begin at the B.I.T.T.E.R. School of Bitterness,  Bitterness for Dummies class.  I realize that there are a lot of newcomers to WordPress, because it is January and that is the time to start a new blog "for one of your resolutions".  I imagine most of your blogs will be abandoned in … Continue reading Bitterness for Dummies

The Pressures of Fitting Out

I know you've all been suffering through the really cold cold out there, for which you should be really bitter, but not near as much as me.  This guy right here, with the two thumbs pointing up at him, had to go outside yesterday and start my car early.  Then I had to use the scraper thing to get a thin … Continue reading The Pressures of Fitting Out

In case you missed it…because you were busy breaking your resolutions

It's 2014.  Isn't it about time Marty McFly is supposed to come to Hill Valley and change something around so this place sucks much better?  Shouldn't I be required to wear two ties and Skype with my terrible boss at work?  Is the internet really the only highway in the sky instead of the flying … Continue reading In case you missed it…because you were busy breaking your resolutions

Friday Pictures Different Year, Same Old Bitterness

The longer I've been on this earth, the more mistakes I've made that I haven't learned from.  Now, I continue to make them at a more exponential rate.  One of the things that people in general will never learn is that they can't win.  You may have seen lots of superhero movies or heartwarming tales of … Continue reading Friday Pictures Different Year, Same Old Bitterness

Bitter Distraction

As the year 2013 died a tragic and meaningless death on December 31, at 11:59:59, I was killing a zombies.  Lot's of zombies, but only because they were attacking me first.  While I was at it, I was also trying to shut down a security camera or three because the government was watching.  I was also trying to find … Continue reading Bitter Distraction