M. A. D. Principle Bitter Friday Giftures

It would seem rather grim that I’m writing about the M.A.D. Principle one week before Christmas, but I’m not a Hallmark movie, so I’m not preparing for the big Christmas festival with gingerbread making contests and Christmas scavenger hunts. I’m just a regular bitter person that want to talk about the M.A.D. syndrome or Mutually Assured Destruction. It sounds pretty bad, but really it is what is keeping us alive.

You’ll recognize it when you see it, and when you see it, you’ll understand why it has kept the world alive as long as it has. Remember in the Office when Micheal decides that everyone is going to play a game of Murder in Savannah? At the end of the episode, he Andy, Dwight and Pam are all aiming fake guns at each other and threating to fake kill each other. Each of them know that as soon as one of them pulls the trigger on anyone else, the other will pull it and everyone dies. Because there is no winner if everyone dies, it keeps anyone from deciding to pull the trigger.

It’s the same reason why no nuclear war has happened yet. As soon as one of the people with all the weapons shoots one in the air, the other team would do the same and the end of the world would happen. The is the most extreme example, but there are little example of how people keep each other in check all the time. It’s the reason why you don’t criticize idiots as much as you would like, because you know how much of an idiot you are.

Or how thousands of cars can operate on a freeway while somehow not running into each other. Little yellow and white lines somehow keep order, because no one really wants to run into another car on purpose, because it would cause destruction for both of you, and nobody’s got time for that.

Enough about this M.A.D. principle, let’s just get onto the big show, shall we?

Now you know what I’m talking about…

the office finger guns GIF


Then there is more slippery stuff…

Stand Off Banana GIF by The Masked Singer

…like this less appealing example.

Then there is this guy who is stopping the robot revolution…

stand off robot GIF by Remezcla

…with just a hat and a glare.

Here’s why we rarely ever declare a winner…

Get Darkest Hour GIF

…in a debate.

Why we end up with…

mandy lee fight GIF by MisterWives

…hugs instead of fights…

Why Batman has such interesting fights…

Batman Facepalm GIF by WE tv

…with the Penguin and the Joker.

And the Joker can…

the dark knight joker GIF

…have control over the whole criminal underground.

Or how people…

the naked gun facepalm GIF

…get headaches.

You know when one won’t let go…

golden retriever argument GIF

…and everyone loses out on the ball.

Usually when you start a fight…

ron burgundy regret GIF

…you end of regretting it.

Because your mind…

Mental Health 3D GIF by bbsquirrel247

…gets split 12 different ways…

And that is no way…

loser lottery GIF

…to win in the end.

So just keep on doing that status quo, because that is the only way to avoid conflict and not progress in life. Who needs progress right? That just creates more work.


Bitter M.A.D. Ben


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