Taking over the media

When I was in high school, I was a big fan of not having friends. It was mostly my toxic personality, my metal mouthed Resting Bitter Face, and my massive introversion complex that allowed to skate by without friends for the most part. Unfortunately, one guy tricked me into being his friend by bribing me … Continue reading Taking over the media

My Bitter Exotic Travel

Judging by all the things I've been talking about doing lately, you probably think I've been working really hard. You know, like sitting in the stands watching football, or sitting in class pretending to pay attention with my eyes closed. Or sitting in a study area, pretending to type papers, or sitting in our van … Continue reading My Bitter Exotic Travel


  I don't know if you've heard of this phenomenon called Facebook, but it's what they call a Social Network where you and some people you call "friends" become even closer as friends by connecting through a computer box.  Here is what happens.  You go to this website http://www.facebook.com and you fill out all kinds … Continue reading Bitteraffirmations

Bitter Funny Blog Friday and Bitter Mischief Day

Hey Weirdos, this isn't so much a post as just a reminder.  I would have just posted this on Facebook and Twitter, but I don't have any real life friends so I'm posting it here.  Remember that Funny Blog Friday(#FBF) is  tomorrow. You can still sign up for my Epic Failure Contest  by following me on Twitter or … Continue reading Bitter Funny Blog Friday and Bitter Mischief Day

In case you missed…In case you missed it from last week bitterness

Talk about boring and meta.  Just when you thought this blog couldn't be any more boring, I decided to do an in case you missed it, about an in case you missed it that I missed doing last week.  Confused and zoning out yet? Good.  Now I can just remind myself of what I did … Continue reading In case you missed…In case you missed it from last week bitterness

Friday Picture Busy Bitterness

For some reason this time of year seems to be busier than almost every other time of the year.  There seems to be all kinds of parties, get togethers, gatherings at malls, and tidings of bitter cheer on Facebook.  How is a guy supposed to slack off at work when more people seem to be demanding that things … Continue reading Friday Picture Busy Bitterness

Friday “Why do we have to be here again?” Picture Bitterness

So Halloween happened yesterday, on a Thursday(in case you can't read calendars or are not the master of obvious like me).  This post is dedicated to all those who either forgot that it was Thursday yesterday and it was near impossible to drag themselves out of bed, or are like me and remembered, but don't … Continue reading Friday “Why do we have to be here again?” Picture Bitterness

Autumn Bitterness

I've heard enough.  There are a whole bunch of people out there on WordPress, television, Facebook and of course, the most popular social network, MySpace proclaiming their love of Autumn.  All I know is that at least 7 of my life's top 15 most embarrassing moments are named after this season. You can say about all the nice things … Continue reading Autumn Bitterness

From the BitterBenzoac Era to the Bitter Twitter Era

I have lived in 40 different years, 5 different decades, two different centuries and 2 separate millenniums.  Guess what though, who cares?  It's not the years of bitter experience that allows me to be the unique voice of bitterness to youth of today, and the "more experienced" generations.  I am the bitter bridge that spans the … Continue reading From the BitterBenzoac Era to the Bitter Twitter Era

U.S. News and World Report Top US Colleges Bitterness

I was reading the Internet yesterday (I will review this interesting novel when I finish it, I.E. never) and I got to the part where they were reviewing Colleges in the US News and World Report.  According to the article there was a huge upset of Harvard by a small private college named Princeton. Seems Harvard … Continue reading U.S. News and World Report Top US Colleges Bitterness

Birch Bay Bitterness

I'm old and bitter and in need of not working all the time.  Unfortunately, it takes a lot of bitter food and water to maintain this bitterly taken care of physique, so I have a job that pays for just enough of that (food and water).  I get just enough vacation to keep me from … Continue reading Birch Bay Bitterness

Bitter Photobombing, Learning and Tables

Doesn't it make you bitter when you are trying to take a picture of something and someone photobombs your perfectly terrible and blurry picture?  I was trying to take a picture of my toe and this T-shirt totally photobombed my picture.  It came out of nowhere, jumped in my photo, acted like a jerk, then left, … Continue reading Bitter Photobombing, Learning and Tables

Quote Bitterizing

You all have at least one of these pain in the bitter people as a Facebook friends.  It's not the boring pictures friend, or the promote their child's terrible talent recital friend, or the overshare about whatever "procedure" they are having that I don't want to know about friend, or the brag about their vacation to Hawaii … Continue reading Quote Bitterizing

Computer Bitterness

There was a time in my life when I was fast.  In seventh grade, I remember running a mile in under six minutes.  In basketball, my sophomore year, I was the fastest guy on the team.  I ran track and mowed the lawn.  It was because I naturally gifted and incredibly in shape.   I was really … Continue reading Computer Bitterness

Mother’s Day Bitterness

  I've noticed around the Blogimunity, facebook (facebook doesn't get a capital letter), and Twitter that many people have been saying really nice things about their moms.  It seems like that there has been a simultaneous, worldwide niceness towards moms.  I guess everyone has just been really sentimental towards their moms and for that I … Continue reading Mother’s Day Bitterness

Bitter Contest Loser

Remember when I decided to do a Bitter contest where you could win something?  Last week or the week before or something?  Well I rang up the results of those who actually entered and I did some math and found through my amazing..ly horrible math skills that we are all losers of the contest.  Mostly … Continue reading Bitter Contest Loser

Another Bitter Podcast

Let me just warn you that this blog post isn't actually a post, but more of a self-serving promotion for myself.  If you didn't know that this blog was always about me, check the name of it.  Ben's Bitter Blog.  Kind of tells you what kind of arrogance goes on here.  On to the self … Continue reading Another Bitter Podcast

40 reasons to be Bitter

Yesterday I was 39 years old and bitter.  Today, I am old and bitter.  For those of you who are smart (actually if you were smart you wouldn't follow this bitter blog) you would have deduced that yesterday was the day before my birthday, making today....the next day.  In honor of a day that now … Continue reading 40 reasons to be Bitter