Ignoravirus Bitter Friday Giftures

  There has been a lot of talk about viruses this year.  It started small with just a word or two, but little by little it has grown. I guess that is how all viruses spread. Now people are wearing masks, covering their eyes and mouths, and starting to panic. Yes, the election is this … Continue reading Ignoravirus Bitter Friday Giftures

BitterTine’s Day Bitter Friday Giftures

  I was talking to my wife the other day and I was comparing the days of the week to the months of the year. For the most part, it makes sense. January is definitely like Monday. Everyone is hungover from the holidays and the bitterness of family and togetherness and rage of the weekend … Continue reading BitterTine’s Day Bitter Friday Giftures

Bendepence Day

The big summer holiday around these parts is July 4th, or as us Amuricans call it, "Independence Day". It's based around a war between US (or us) and some other country and it was all about who could have the biggest fireworks displays. Whoever won got to keep ownership over the Boston Starbucks Harbor and … Continue reading Bendepence Day

Bitter Ben Cinemas Present

Bitter Thanksgiving everyone!  I know you are at home right now, dying because you are trapped in the kitchen making stuff, or trapped being with your boooring family, or stuck watching your sucky football team lose miserably by just 1 point, or stuck looking at advertisements for the Black Friday that you are going to … Continue reading Bitter Ben Cinemas Present

Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Halloween vs. Christmas

As soon as August ends, summer is unofficially over and what I call the holiday quadrant of the year begins.  Let's be honest, no one gets out music and decorations for Flag Day.  Or puts up lights in their house for and starts getting ready for St. Patrick's Day.  Everybody is pretty patient for holidays … Continue reading Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Halloween vs. Christmas

The Bitter Scents of the Season

It's finally December, which as you know, means that it is finally time for awesome characters to come out of the woodwork, like Scrooge and the Grinch stealing Christmas and all kinds of evil villains in movies, like Boss who makes you stay late on Christmas Eve and Boyfriend who is a little too into … Continue reading The Bitter Scents of the Season

Early Friday Halloween Picture Bitterness

Since it is Friday, I always try to present some pictures of things that make me bitter, like the weather being terrible or my knees hurting yet again(I have a streak of like 20 years going right now).  But this week, since there are only 2 Fridays left before Halloween, I decided to dedicate this Friday's Pictures to things … Continue reading Early Friday Halloween Picture Bitterness

Canadian Friday Picture Bitterness

It's Friday again and you know what that means.  I am too lazy to write anything, so I just post pictures taken from the internet that make me bitter and comment about them.  Today, in honor of my neighbors to the north(not in my neighborhood.  They have no honor), Canada, who has an actual government that … Continue reading Canadian Friday Picture Bitterness

Day after Bitterness

I am a bitter forward thinker.  A bitter visionary.  While others are thinking about things that make them bitter in the present, I am looking forward to things that will make me bitter in the future.  I don't look at the past and stew over past bitterness or live in the moments bitterness like most … Continue reading Day after Bitterness

Earth Day Bitterness

April is an awesome month for a number of reasons.  First of all, April stalks March and puts it out of its misery the moment it ends.  Even at young age, I recognized that March made me bitter.  Growing up in South Dakota, the weather was miserable, it was always a rough month for homework with … Continue reading Earth Day Bitterness