Bitter Funny Blog Friday and Bitter Mischief Day

So here is the image.

Follow for the sake of others.

Hey Weirdos, this isn’t so much a post as just a reminder.  I would have just posted this on Facebook and Twitter, but I don’t have any real life friends so I’m posting it here.  Remember that Funny Blog Friday(#FBF) is  tomorrow. You can still sign up for my Epic Failure Contest  by following me on Twitter or Facebook.  And make sure to check the links on my blog post tomorrow for a bunch of other actual funny people to read.  That is all.  Now go wait in anticipation for my blog post tomorrow.  Or just worry about your Halloween costume like you were going to do anyways.

Why would anyone be afraid of this?

Bitter Mischief Day.


Bitter Braindead Ben


10 thoughts on “Bitter Funny Blog Friday and Bitter Mischief Day

    • Just because you plan to win, doesn’t mean you will. Also, if you were to win, I would just have to mail it to some PO Box in the US and then you would have to drive down to get it. Canada costs too much money to mail things to.


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