Another Bitter Podcast

These Ipods only churn out the bitterest of podcasts.  Up next, Ben's Bitter Blogcast.

These Ipods only churn out the bitterest of podcasts. Up next, Ben’s Bitter Blogcast.

Let me just warn you that this blog post isn’t actually a post, but more of a self-serving promotion for myself.  If you didn’t know that this blog was always about me, check the name of it.  Ben’s Bitter Blog.  Kind of tells you what kind of arrogance goes on here.  On to the self promotion.  I was previously featured in another blogger’s podcast, who reads people’s post on her blog.  Check it out here.  Or don’t.  In order to balance out all the sweetness on her blog, she took one of my posts and read it out loud. You don’t have to listen to mine, but perhaps you will find another podcast that appeals to your less than bitter tastes.  While I am shamelessly promoting myself, check out my Blog Facebook Page and click on like for bitter extras like Pictures I didn’t use for my blog, posts I started but didn’t complete, or polls about what posts you might want me to do.  I will answer every question you might have(cause I don’t ever get questions).

Third thing.  Read other people’s blogs that I like.  Start by reading my Awards that I don’t Deserve tab above next to the About button.  In addition, here are some new blogs that I follow that are pretty awesome…ly not bitter.

Like I could learn about things from any other source.

Like I could learn about things from any other source.


Bitter Ben


43 thoughts on “Another Bitter Podcast

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  2. Bitter Ben… your shameless self-promotion makes me smile 🙂 Thanks for making me part of it! It’s ironic… I have a post that’s been sitting in my drafts since last week that you’re included in as a blog that I like too. So I’ll repay your negative downtick in visitors only mine might bring yours to a grinding halt, just like you like it! Stay bitter.


  3. Hey you listed me in your blog, I am honored “Oh Master of Bitterness” ! I don’t think you are blogging because of arrogance, I think you blog because you have been called to bring light to our otherwise dull days.


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