Friday “Why do we have to be here again?” Picture Bitterness

So Halloween happened yesterday, on a Thursday(in case you can’t read calendars or are not the master of obvious like me).  This post is dedicated to all those who either forgot that it was Thursday yesterday and it was near impossible to drag themselves out of bed, or are like me and remembered, but don’t want to be here anyways(of course that is every day, but today in particular).  So how about some bitter Friday pictures to depress you more.  So whether you want them or not, here they are for you bittertainment.

Since Halloween is over, you might want to wake up early before work and go for a run.  Just kidding, why would anyone ever want to go for a run?  That would help you be healthier, tireder, and out of breathier.  Doesn’t make sense.  Some may say it is a good way to get ready for work by getting your mind right. Does this look like a good way to get your mind right?

Not a good way to start the day.

I’m keep telling you running is not a good thing.

Besides if you run, then you have to shower and get ready and it might make you a minute later than you normally leave for work.  A minute might not seem like a long time, but you are wrong.

So glad I went for a run and left a minute later.

So glad I went for a run and left a minute later.

No worries, you might get there a half hour later.  But I’m sure your boss is lenient.  He or she probably doesn’t mind.  But maybe your client or other people might have a pressing need.  But you know, they are probably in some other time zone, so they can wait right? Nothing pressing happens early in the day right? Or maybe….

Maybe there is something you need to be there for.

Maybe you need to get Jurassic to work on time.

Because you were late, you flubbed that task up.  So now your boss assigns you a really menial task as punishment.  You have to be the work “recycling specialist”.

Soda pressing indeed.

Soda pressing indeed.

After that task humiliates you and causes a deep work depression, you finally make it to lunch.  Yeah only half the day is over! Since you didn’t have time to get gas on the way to work, you can’t go out to lunch, so you have to eat some crummy, homeade gruel from home.  At least if you eat at your cubicle you will be completely available to be bothered by annoying co-workers.

Leave me alone.

“It looks like you are at lunch, but can I just ask you a few questions?  Won’t take more than an hour.”

Thankfully, you at least you got two minutes to eat something so you can be raring to go for your afternoon TPS reports that need to be done by the end of the day.

Feeling good after lunch.

That post lunch high.

Now that you have done all your highly important essential tasks, like watching cat videos, checking your Facebook and answering the two comments from your blog, time to get to work.  But you are so bored now.

Don't ever get this bored.

Don’t ever get this bored.

Finally after what seems like 16 hours, but was only 8, it is time to go home.

Forget my TPS report.

Forget my TPS report.

Sooo glad I came to work today. Moral of the story? Don’t go running, because it will make you late.  And we all know what happens when we are late.  Bitter Day.


Bitter Day Ben


45 thoughts on “Friday “Why do we have to be here again?” Picture Bitterness

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  4. (Love the backgroud btw). Yes, the traffic. LOUD laughing, and so true. But I got the biggest kick out of that first photo. That’s what would happen to me, for sure, if I ran!


    • I wouldn’t even run for president. I might walk or lay down for president, but then again it would be too much work to be the president. You have to talk to people, you couldn’t sleep in, you have to do speeches…all sounds like a headache.


  5. I made the mistake of being too productive too quickly this morning instead of parsing it out throughout the day… I plan on making up for it by slacking off the remainder of the workday.


  6. I presume you, like many others, must be on the cusp of further, even deeper bitterness as ‘pictures’ are not coming out on the Reader thing today! I have posted two captions that are pictureless thus rendering my activities pointless – am wondering if this is only affecting tall people who use WordPress! Other than that, great stuff!


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