Mother’s Day Bitterness


Good thing my dad knows stuff works or I would be teaching my mom how to open apps.  Push the button mom!

Good thing my dad knows stuff works or I would be teaching my mom how to open apps. Push the button mom!

I’ve noticed around the Blogimunity, facebook (facebook doesn’t get a capital letter), and Twitter that many people have been saying really nice things about their moms.  It seems like that there has been a simultaneous, worldwide niceness towards moms.  I guess everyone has just been really sentimental towards their moms and for that I say what is going on here? I guess since I like to copy everyone else, because I am not original at all,  I would like to tell you some bitter things about my mom.

She raised 4 wonderful children and one really bitter one.  She was a pretty important part of my survival, but I am kind of bitter that I had to spend 9 months comfortably inside her belly eating whatever she ate (why couldn’t she have eaten more pizza?). I am also bitter that I had to spend 18 years living comfortably in her and my dads house, eating their food, living in their house for free, and accepting their charity of clothes, gadgets, presents, and hugs (How am I supposed to be bitter when you are hugging me all the time?).

Mom always had a way of getting me to do chores without speaking.  Weirdo.

Mom always had a way of getting me to do chores without speaking. Weirdo. (Not the actual mom.)

She barely ever made me do the dishes and she only embarrassed me every once in a while by doing Russian dances in Nordstrom’s while buying me clothes.  Why couldn’t she neglect me and make me suffer like other mothers? While many people can claim that they got all of their good traits from their moms, I cannot do so.  She was never bitter, or angry and never complained about having to deal with 4 good children and one bitter one.  I can wholeheartedly say that I got none of my bitterness from her and for that I have much bitterness.  I had to cultivate and grow this trait on my own, with no help from her.

So I wish you a bitter day mom.  Could you be bitter just once? I didn’t think you could.  Have your “good” day then.


Your Bitter Son Ben


58 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Bitterness

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        • They couldn’t have kids for a while. Then as soon as they got my sister, the miracle child (otherwise known as me) came out and opened the floodgates for the rest of them.


        • HAHAHHAHA that is awesome. Well I am happy for you and your family. My Mom used to say the stork put me in the wrong tummy… I still to this day feel I just ended up in the wrong tummy. I guess your sister did too.


        • She sure did. We make sure our little bubster knows that he is ours, but that his birth mother is still an important person too because she was brave enough to make the right decision to place him with us.


        • Good point. It must be difficult knowing exactly what to say to a kid. I am sure there are people that try to make the birth parents seem bad, but that is def not the way to go! Reiterating that everyone loves him is the best thing for him 🙂


        • He definitely knows from us. Whether he ever gets to meet his bio mother, we will never know, but we will just let him know that she did an unselfish act for allowing him to come with us.


        • I don’t know what he will choose to do, but the more open you are about her the less I would think he would want to meet her. If that makes sense. Being able to have an adoption day, and knowing that my parents didn’t want to keep me (they had others they kept), led me to conclude that what would be best for all of us is to never see them. He may not feel the same but I have seen it not work out for pretty much every adoptee I know.


      • She is right to be bitter when your job is a lemon. I had a car once that was a lemon. I was told that if you’re given a lemon, you should make lemonade. Don’t try it. Cars don’t like it when you put sugar in the gas tank.


        • However, my job is a great source of bitterness. Even if I don’t use things about my job, I can always say that it gets in the way of me blogging, which makes me bitter. (Well at least I can’t blog while I am on the phone anyways.)


  6. It took me a while to realize that beneath all the repititive bitterness there’s a very appreciative and loving attitude towards your Mom. By the way you’re right facebook doesn’t get capitals and yes, the public declaration of love to the mother on fb and twitter- wow, someone’s pseudo. 😛


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