In case you missed…In case you missed it from last week bitterness

In case you were reading the comics.

In case you missed the recap from last week. 

Talk about boring and meta.  Just when you thought this blog couldn’t be any more boring, I decided to do an in case you missed it, about an in case you missed it that I missed doing last week.  Confused and zoning out yet? Good.  Now I can just remind myself of what I did so I can move on with my life of playing games and being bitter about stuff.  So what I do last week? (Besides be bitter?)

Let’s see…oh yeah.  I wrote about being a toddler, and being in a bloody movie about being ridiculously outnumbered and having no shot in the end at surviving in 2 Years and 300 Posts of Bitterness. If anything was a sign of the apocalypse or impending doom, it is this post.

Then what did I do…Oh yes, I talked about being a Ninja is the most boring and unglamorous way possible.  I talked about using my Ninja skills to fight the power of evil…corporations.  Any other person with Ninja skills would have used them for the power of good, or fighting for the injustice of orphans, or toppling corrupt governments, or at least the G I Joes, but not me.  I used my Ninja skills to be lazy and collect money, in Ninja Bitterness.

Clearly, I was tired from having typing all those non thought out posts for the week, so I just did my “put together a bunch of random gifs that make no sense and slap together some word that makes them seem to work together Friday post” on Friday in Tired Friday Gifture Bitterness. If there’s anything people are tired of, it’s definitely me and the blog.

Some Twitters were bittered this week.

Some bitter comments were made:

On 2 Years, 300 Bitter Posts:

“Felicidades, Ben! Or should I call you, AMARGO BEN. Spanish for Bitter Ben, of course. I am glad you have been infecting your readers with amargoness for two years! I have only been blogging for one so I missed out on a whole year of amargoness. :( Brickhousechick

“No mention of toilet training, or lack thereof? The latter would certainly add to one’s–that is, the BLOG’s–bitterness.  Mister Bitter, how is it you always find such perfectly apt and amusing pics and gifs? That part of creating posts takes me for-friggin’-ever. (Plus, I’m moronic enough to try to credit them, which takes for-triple-friggin’-ever.) Do you have a whole special-effects team cowed beneath your bitter lash?” Outlier Babe

“Have a crappy, incoherent, bitter anniversary. Argghh.” Bikerchick57

On Ninja Bitterness:

“A bitter guy with a ninja sword. Did I just feel the universe shutter?” SoundofLaughter

“Is this the part where you wake up, or the part where they put you in one of those cute little straight jackets and mention that you are hallucinating??” Snow

“It sounds almost TOO easy… you should run team building exercises…instead of paint ball, you can just practice stealth assassination techniques. On the XBox. I think a darkened room full of suits slouched in gaming chairs promotes true team bonding” motherhendiaries

On Tired Friday Gifiture Bitterness:

“Ben – you have a gif my friend! <===see what I did there?” Blogged Artistry

“Fun post–when is the guy with the huge gut due to give birth? I guess I’m tired of being cold and wearing my very thick bathrobe from when I get home until I have to go outside because I’M SICK OF THE COLD AND $@&^ING SNOW!!

Thanks for listening, Ben. Have a nice weekend. Rest up, willya?” Ermigal

“I did not see that skull crack coming! Ouch! And why is Mila Kunis so coy while she exercises? But the best one was definitely the MJ impersonator choosing to be smooth during Hurricane Katrina. He is the anti-bitter!” Kerbey

Finally, some bonus gifs as a reward for making it this far, or for those that skip all the words and just view the gifs.  Either way, here they are.

She's storing her phone in her trunk.

She’s storing her new phone in the trunk.

The husband, as usual, is oblivious to the what is happening around him.

The husband, as usual, is oblivious as to what is happening around him.

So make sure you have don’t miss this update, or you will have to read the update of the update and no one wants that.


Bitter Updated Ben


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  1. I felt strangely pleased having 111 followers just because of the soothing repeated-number nature of it, and then someone else started watching me on Twitter. I’ll recover, but that’s just because I’m working myself up to 123, I hope.


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