Kickstarter Bitterness

Logo for Nanny Magazine for which I will not post anything on my Blog.

Logo for Nanny Magazine which I will definitely not post on my Blog.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post, hoping to find a bitter rival out there on the Internet.  I got a lot of response from eager goody two shoes wishing to make this a nicer place to live.  Bunch of weirdos. I fought and defeated many nice rivals.  Then, all of a sudden one of the my long time followers from the early days of my blog(a few months ago), some weird lover of grammar and good manners, told me that she was going to start an online magazine for nannies.  She calls it Nanny Magazine.  Ugh. I know what kind of magazine for nannies calls their magazine “Nanny Magazine”? Anyway, she told me that she needs some publicity for her magazine and she is doing a Kickstarter to raise money for it.  The first thing I said was, “Kickstarter?  I’m in.  I love starting kick fights.  It is one of my favorite bitter things to do.  When do we start kickstarting?”  Then she gets all snippy with and says, “No, Ben, you dork. A Kickstarter is a way to raise money for a thing so you can get stuff started”…or some made-up quote like that.

Definitely not putting any cute buttons on this blog.

Definitely not putting any cute buttons on this blog.

When I heard this news, I was like there is no way I am going to post anything on my blog about some Kickstarter for some magazine and I will NOT give this link:  That would sound like I was doing something helpful. This isn’t what my blog is all about.  Helping people? Please. If I help to spread the word, then some of my followers might want to make pledges to Nanny Magazine and in exchange get nice prizes.  Then they might feel good inside and, gasp, not be bitter for once.  That is way bad for bitter business. I definitely won’t refer you to her Nanny Magazine Facebook either.  Cause that would make me bitter.


Kickstarter me in the Facebook

Bitter KickFace Ben




92 thoughts on “Kickstarter Bitterness

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  2. Good for you being bitter about your friends kickstarter campaign. :0). good luck to her! it’s hard work and a hell of a ride. thanks for supporting her. (in your own panda kindergartenish bitter way). Be the bear!


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  4. Hey BB, who told you that you won the bitter rival contest? I guess you were the one to decide who won, which mysteriously turned out to be you. The contest was rigged from the beginning. I am very bitter about your unfair judging tactics…schemes…scams.
    Bitterly yours,


      • Your commitment to bitterness is a hard one to break. It will take years of sweetness just to scratch the surface of your bitter world. Maybe it is best if you remain bitter. This is a bittersweet loss, but I think your bitterness is what keeps you going and it keeps the bitter and the sweet people coming back to your blog for more.


  5. Yeah, that kickstarter thing is pretty annoyingly optimistic. I know my nephew used it to start up his microbrewery and now he’s a whopping success. I’ve considered it to fund book releases, but I don’t like asking anybody for help–and then I couldn’t whine about the way the system is rigged against the little guy. Damned if you do…..


  6. @Ben, I just shared this post on Stumble–giving you a heads-up so you can start feeling bitter right away so to be bitterly prepared when someone comes here after Stumbling upon you.


  7. I’m glad you never wrote this.
    In return, i will never read it.
    And needless to say, i will not go over to your friend’s blog and add her to my blogroll.


  8. I thought this was going to be about kickboxing. Man, am I disappointed! You have a right to be bitter about nannies, and to refuse to give a website or any kind of advertising for it. We need more nannies like we need more children. 😉


  9. Rampant commercialism I will not support. But then I don’t support zombies with chainsaws, evil laser beam toting gophers, flame thrower brandishing hamsters, and square dance callers wearing eye patches


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