DNA Test Bitterness

When I was a sophomore in high school, we had to take Biology.  I couldn't stand my teacher, because he was a pig before the #metoo movement started, but also he wasn't very good at teaching. I remember him talking about the weirdest things like you should change your deodorant often because the glands under … Continue reading DNA Test Bitterness

Crystal Cloudy Bitter Friday Giftures

  People have been trying to teach me a lot of stuff lately. Obviously when you start a new job, they have to teach you the ways of the Jedi, and or, the ways the company work and what you are supposed to do every day. The other day, my wife was telling me that … Continue reading Crystal Cloudy Bitter Friday Giftures

Best Time of the Year Bitter Friday Giftures

  This week is my favorite of the year. Many people love December and all its holidays. Others love Thanksgiving and the chance to eat lots of food, shop and be with family. Others love Valentine's Day (just kidding, no one loves Valentine's Day, ironically). Some love the summertime for sun, sand, good weather and … Continue reading Best Time of the Year Bitter Friday Giftures

Building a Bitter Mousetrap Friday Giftures

  They say you have to build a bitter mousetrap in order to catch mice. Well, in our last home it didn't seem to work, because they just kept coming back. Sometimes, I think you just need to build more mousetraps. I guess they were just attracted to our food or something. It's not like … Continue reading Building a Bitter Mousetrap Friday Giftures

Bitter Business Bureau

When we moved into this house about a year ago, we had to furnish it. Of course, we got the most important things first, the couch, TV, and fridge, which I have spent the most amount of time using. I guess we also got a table, our old furniture, and bed, but those weren't really … Continue reading Bitter Business Bureau

Today’s Story on Giphy

  This is probably some really shocking news, but when I was growing up, pizza wasn't my favorite food. Probably because my parents didn't expose me much to pizza. Also, I was always hungry, and back then, Hot Pockets didn't exist and pizza wasn't exactly an easy thing to whip up when you are dying … Continue reading Today’s Story on Giphy

The Bitter IT Guy

When we lived in Seattle, we used to get power outages all the time. I think it was because it rained all the time, the lightning and wind would blow the way too pervasive amount of trees around, and whall la, power outage. When we had outages there though, they would almost always go on … Continue reading The Bitter IT Guy

Transform and Roll Out

I was a child of the 80's. Unlike most children of the 80's, I thought that decade sucked. There were a few good things about it. There was Back to the Future, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Run DMC, but for the most part, I didn't participate in most of the crappy movies, TV … Continue reading Transform and Roll Out

Maniac Monday – I bumped my head on the Fridge

Even though I am pretty clumsy, I have never broken a bone. (Not that I haven't tried.) When I was in fourth grade, I was at recess and was playing this game called "Run and slip on the ice".  (I lived in South Dakota, where ice slipping is considered a sport.) and fell and hurt … Continue reading Maniac Monday – I bumped my head on the Fridge

Bitter Nomadic Wanderers

When I was younger a friend and I were walking in a neighborhood that overlooked an empty field. He was from Japan and as you know, Japan is very dense when it comes to the amount of people that live there. As we overlooked the field, he replied wistfully that he wanted to be a … Continue reading Bitter Nomadic Wanderers

Obey My Commands!

It's Valentine's Day here on the BBB. Well, I guess it is also other places too, but I'm not sure. We do a lot of things on Valentine's around here. Like complain about love and hearts, and candy and flowers and we wonder why the heck they don't make a bigger deal about National Pizza … Continue reading Obey My Commands!

The Bitter Ecosystem

As spring heats up, many people turn their attention to being at work all day, while some "other lucky people" that aren't them are going on glamorous vacations to tropical paradises around the world.  Some people are jealous of the sandy beaches that others get to soak up the rays in.  Others are jealous of … Continue reading The Bitter Ecosystem

Break stuff Friday Giftures

As you all know, this week sucked bananas(this phrase courtesy of Lil Rants over at her blog Lil Rants). Why you ask? Must you even ask? I didn't have pizza every single day, the naps were far too sparse, and my back(along with every other part of me) was a little sick and tired of … Continue reading Break stuff Friday Giftures

How to Stage a Bittervention

The holidays are a hotbed of people being excited, happy to see each other, warm fires, fun chats with family and friends. The cold, hard reality is that you will be surround by insanely happy people.  Don't worry, I know how hard this can be. Happy people are a really buzzkill to the gloomy, sad, … Continue reading How to Stage a Bittervention

In case you missed it…because you needed more things to add to your busy life

Whether you were doing chores, overindulging on Easter candy or spending too much time watching the NBA Playoffs, cutting the grass, going grocery shopping or catching up on all your family arguments or being lazy ignoring all the things you have to do, you were busy the last two weeks.  I was so busy doing … Continue reading In case you missed it…because you needed more things to add to your busy life

In case you missed it…because you were busy ignoring the opening of baseball season

There was a time about 13 years ago, when there was a baseball team worth following in this town called the Mariners.  They were in the midst of taking a very specific type of steroids that caused them to be able to hit a baseball out of the the baseball park, and pitch fast enough … Continue reading In case you missed it…because you were busy ignoring the opening of baseball season

Bitter Advertising Slogans

      I am a liar.  Every. Single. Day.  Every day, someone asks me how I'm doing and I almost always reply, "Good." or "Fine." when I should always be saying, "Bitter.  How bouch you?" to which they will probably reply, "Good." or "Fine." which is an even a bigger lie or "Can't complain." What … Continue reading Bitter Advertising Slogans