The Bitter IT Guy

Power outages are the wurrst.

When we lived in Seattle, we used to get power outages all the time. I think it was because it rained all the time, the lightning and wind would blow the way too pervasive amount of trees around, and whall la, power outage. When we had outages there though, they would almost always go on for at least the night, and often more. So me and my kids would frantically try to find some sort of entertainment that didn’t require electricty, curse the power outage, give up and then just go to sleep early.

There is almost nothing more frustrating than losing your power, especially for us that depend so much on our electical devices. I’ve often said here and other places, that the end of the world won’t be weather related, or a zombie apocolypse, but a world wide permanent power outage. We would all become savages and have to survive without our electricity and we would be left with our survival instincts. Which would give me about three days (if I was lucky).

After the power outage finally ends, there was always the inevitable blinking lights on everything. The kids will almost immediately yell, “Dad, the internet isn’t working!” and the wife will call out, “Um, honey, the TV isn’t working,” and all of a sudden, I become the IT guy for the family. Not that I know any IT skills beyond, restart, unplug, reboot, but that becomes my role.

I think this might be what powers our cable.

When we moved in to our new home, we finally got to get the amazing TV, and the Blu-Ray player and the Xbox all ready to go, but we needed to have cable first. So I went to the local cable company and got my equipment. I knew it would be totally easy to hook up, because they just give you a few wires and you are good to go. So I took one day after work to go visit the CABLE GUY (said in Jim Carrey voice) and got all the stuff.

I planned on 20 minutes and then magic would happen. I had it all hooked up, but then I kept getting this message that the cables might be loose. Unlikely since I tightened them with Thor-like strength. There was no way there weren’t tight enough, because I couldn’t unscrew them.

Anyways, this frustrating process happened for days, until we moved in, got an entertainment system, and then it seemed to work without any hassle. And then I would integrated something new into the mix, or switch something out, or move a wire ever so slightly and the whole reboot, replug, reconfigure thing would happen over again. Then, my bitter rage would go on overdrive. I turned into the Hulk of Electronics. Not the strong one, but the one that is always angry.

Now there is an edict that NO ONE SHALL TOUCH the electronics, wires, or walk swiftly or with any bounce around anything electonical, or a big, bitter, white HULKING HULK will lose it and go into a rage.


Anyone else experience Bitter Electronic Rage? Or is that just me?


Bitter IT GUY Ben


12 thoughts on “The Bitter IT Guy

  1. When I was young we used to sit in the dark and sing the songs of our ancestors. I’m lying. We actually used to have fun kicking the old black & white valve TV which kept breaking down. Fortunately the shows were rubbish. Much harder today now there’s so much on there …


  2. I think Bitter Electronic Rage (BER) is experienced in every household these days! I hear the solution for it is BEER, but I don’t drink, so I wouldn’t know for sure. πŸ˜›

    Next time this happens to us, I will think of this post and think, “Oh, The Hamster must’ve gone on vacation!” HA! πŸ˜€

    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚


  3. I agree that the Apocalypse will be electronic. (Or should I say NON-electronic?) We don’t suffer interruptions in power here, so much as internet speed. You’re happily bingeing on season 5 of NCIS and all of a sudden, you can only watch in five-second bursts, interrupted by a spinning arrow and a message about the speed not supporting the application. Watching a show five seconds at a time makes me bitter enough to call and complain. Here’s an old post on how that usually goes, like a broken record: πŸ™‚


  4. Usually it’s my kids that hulk out if/when the power goes. I’m a bit more accepting. Living in hurricane country will do that. I get freaked out if I can’t find our French Press for emergency low-tech coffee….


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