Don’t Call it a Comeback!

I’ve been here for years.

I’ve been here for years. One of my favorite rap songs of all time is Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J. I like it for a lot of reasons, the beat, the sports metaphor ness of it, but most of all for the first line in the song. “Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years!”

That couldn’t be more true of this comeback I’m attempting.

You see, I used to lament people that left WordPress for a lot of reasons. They got busy, or they gave up hope, or they didn’t have enough people coming to their blog. I tried to revive a few blog careers, because their blogs were just so darn interesting. I often wondered what would be my demise.

Where did everyone go?

Many of you may have thought that I disappeared off the face of the planet, but I have not. I’ve actually been kidnapped…by WordPress. It is a really long story, but suffice it to say, I lost access to my account, because of many weird circumstances. First, on July 1, I think someone at my old company must have shut down my old email address, because the email and password just stopped working. In frustration, I pounded my fists and crushed things. Let’s just say that gnashing of teeth and pounding of fists happened. I raged for about a month trying to get my account back, but in the end, I had no evidence that I owned this account. No email access means death. And death means eternal bitterness. They said I could try to show them a bill that showed I payed for WordPress, but for some reason it wasn’t showing up on our bills.

Rise from the ashes…and then get back down.

Don’t think that it held me down permanently though. This bitter guy rises from the ashes all the time. I had been ruminating on an idea for quite a while. In fact, the idea came from one of my earliest posts 6 years ago. It was about a starting to do videos, owning my own entertainment network and really just liking the initials of my name. Thus, Bitter Entertainment Network(B.E.N.) was born. So after a month of gnashing my teeth, I purchased A few of you followed, but many just didn’t know what happened to me. So there is the short story, finally told.

I’ve learned a few things about blogging on the other blog. First, getting a following takes an eternity, and this guy isn’t very patient. I have a few people following that one, about a hundred, but building a blogging empire took a lot of time and work and bitter perseverance. ย I didn’t like the feeling on starting at the bottom again. So now that I have access again, I’m going to post to both. I have also started to do affiliate links too, so I will hopefully do those here too. Just hang in there with me and things will be back to my old bitter self again.

Questions? I’ve got answers. Comments, I will be answering all your comments soon. Even the ones from 6 months ago. So buckle up.

Go follow soon, so I can start building that thing up again. Capice?


Bitter Lost Blogger Ben


59 thoughts on “Don’t Call it a Comeback!

  1. Hey! i just noticed that you gained back the keys to your domain!! Good for you!

    Now I can put my cloak back on, and fade into the crowd. It was fun to be 1 out of 5, then out of 20 and even out of 100 followers. It felt special, but it was also a lot of bitter pressure! 1/10,000 feels much less demanding as a minion!

    I hope you’ll reach the million followers, then I can play this song from Miss Congeniality, and dance in my living room!


  2. You know, it never works when I pound the desk and gnash my teeth, not even when I also bitterly wail like a teething infant and bitterly swear like a Hell’s Angel. Still, one must try to do what one can to fix the sit, yo? Glad you made it back from the eternal bitterness. Cheers


  3. Hey Bro! Honestly, I thought the bitterness broke you and you were outa here! Much to my chagrin, as I did enjoy sharing bitter moments with you. Now there is double the pleasure of bitter engagement. Glad you got your blog back. Now, lets get to bitternating with glorious abandonment.


  4. YAY! Bitter Ben’s back! Regarding “comeback,” I flash on “Sunset Boulevard” when William Holden says, “I didn’t know you were planning a comeback,” and Gloria Swanson says, “I hate that word! It’s RETURN to the millions of fan that have never forgiven me for leaving!”


  5. Would you be bitter if I told you I didn’t realize you were gone for six months?
    So sorry. I’ve been around, but not good at keeping track of all my blogging buddies. My bad.
    It’s a good thing I finally got to the six hundred and some blog-related emails from the last two weeks and saw your post.
    Anyhow, I’m sorry for your WordPress pain, but welcome back. I’ll try to pay better attention to you from now on.


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