Cancellation Bitterness

When I was growing up, I watched a lot of TV. My favorite cartoon was Transformers, but I watched a lot of different show. I would always get really excited about some and then in the summer, I would recognize that they would start showing reruns of the shows I already watched, and I would get kind of suspicious. Then fall would come and I would wonder what the heck happened to the show.

They didn’t really talk much about what happened, but as I got older and start reading Entertainment Weekly and watching shows like ET, they would talk about shows and how they went off the air because of low viewership, IE they would get cancelled. I started understanding that TV shows had seasons, and ratings were a big deal, because of money, and advertising and stuff. And if I wanted my favorite shows to stay on the air, I had to watch them, and encourage others to do so too.

Well, nowadays, TV shows get cancelled at phenomenal rates, even on Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ because of the insane competition of well, each other. People only have so much time, and with all the choices they have, there are only so many shows you can watch.

So people have turned their attention from cancelling shows, to now cancelling people. I’d love to do a history of the “cancel culture” phenomenon someday, but suffice it to say, that cancel culture started as a good thing. Famous people doing really nasty things got called out for them, and essentially cancelled. Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby did bad things for years and finally got caught and we rightly cancelled them.

But now it has gone too far, and anytime a small group of anonymous nerds on Twitter can start a mob and get somebody cancelled. It’s really kind of nefarious, insane and kind of scary, that for any little reason, your career and life can be crushed by some insane person that had their feelings hurt. First of all, we all get our feelings hurt and second, if you cancel somebody, get ready for it to happen to you someday.

Thankfully, I’m an insignificant fool that is bitter for a living, so getting cancelled would mean that nobody would talk to me and I would have something to be bitter about, so it would just be fuel for me. But if you have any desire for fame, watch what you tweet or Tik Tok about, because it may come back and haunt you someday.

There are some things that would be great if they were cancelled though.

Who’s ready to cancel this week with another round of Bitter Friday Giftures…

Here’s something that I’d like cancelled…

homer simpson television GIF
…going to work.

You know what else needs to go…

Bored Season 8 GIF by The Office

Or more specifically for some people…

South Park Monday GIF by HBO Max
…zoom meetings.

I guess this would be…

Animated GIF
…a good way out of them.

Learning how to wear clothes in public…

Los Angeles Basketball GIF by NBA
…might be something we need to explore again.

And walking used to be a skill most of us non infants…

face fall GIF
…had pretty well mastered.

And some of us even had…

#dance #music GIF by Sony Music Colombia
…the ability to dance.

And some of us could even leave…

New Normal Masks GIF by Luis Ricardo
..our houses without looking insane.

Thankfully some of us have a full understanding…

big eyes GIF
…of how the camera works.

Some of don’t get so…

nervous charlie sheen GIF
…hot under the collar.

Or worry too much…

season 1 dr. roberts GIF by Dream Corp LLC
…about what they say.

Because they are immune…

hyperrpg reaction meme twitch rpg GIF
…to cancellation.

As you know, everything makes me bitter, but I definitely don’t worry about getting cancelled, because that would like me being water and you just adding more water to me. Or me being fire, and you just added more heat to me. Or some other really relevant thing and adding more relevance to it. Or you telling me a good metaphor and me not knowing what a metaphor is.


Bitter Cancelator Ben


7 thoughts on “Cancellation Bitterness

  1. What you say is soooo true: “First of all, we all get our feelings hurt and second, if you cancel somebody, get ready for it to happen to you someday.”

    It seems a person can’t walk down the street anymore without hurting someone’s feelings. When did “suck it up, spineless” become, “you hurt my feelings, I’m going to sue.”

    I don’t know who “sue” is, but she certainly has been busy. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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