Building a Bitter Mousetrap Friday Giftures


They say you have to build a bitter mousetrap in order to catch mice. Well, in our last home it didn’t seem to work, because they just kept coming back. Sometimes, I think you just need to build more mousetraps. I guess they were just attracted to our food or something. It’s not like we had anything really great to eat. Just old spaghetti and flour. Nobody eats flour. It so bland. A lot less bland than these bitter friday giftures will be.

At least we know duct tape…

…is good for something.


…the terror of the ladder.

I always love…

…a good comeback.

Some people tackle…

…hurdles a little differently.

Some people…

…just flop in style.

It’s always nice…

…to help out your teammate.

The stove…

…finally cooks something right.

I love…

…when siblings are so supportive of one another.

When bubble machines…



When you have to…

…take your kids to work, it’s a balancing act.

Just chilling…

…in his castle.

This ride…

…has gone to the dogs.

Here’s to all of you who haven’t figured out a way to build a bitter mousetrap and just keep doing it the same old way. Cause new mousetraps are shiny, but aren’t as effective as the old mousetraps.


Bitter Mousetrap Ben

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Target Deal of the Day: Watch Ya’ Mouth Ultimate Edition Game. The best way to build a mousetrap, is to just play a board game. This one in which you have to say words with a huge retainer in your mouth is a delight. It is on sale for $15.99. Get yours soon before they are all gone!



13 thoughts on “Building a Bitter Mousetrap Friday Giftures

  1. I could hardly get enough of the ladder on the escalator. Hilarious. Don’t bother building a bitter mousetrap. Get a cat and don’t feed it. It will feel so bitter, it will take out its bitterness on all the mice.


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