Secret Stone on Our House

Everyone gets bees!

When I got home on Friday, I was told we had bees. One of my least favorite things are bees, the ones that sting anyways.

In the summertime of my 14th year, it was a warm day and we had our sliding door open. For some reason, I was  running in circles in our television room, in my bare feet perhaps to become dizzy or perhaps because one of my brothers did something annoying. At any time in my youth, it could have been either one.  I was not the annoying one.

Around lap 150, I took a step and it didn’t feel right, but that didn’t stop me. I just kept running for a few more laps. I finally stopped for long enough to realize I had stepped on a bee. How he got there, I will never know. But he was dead, and my foot had a stinger in it. I, of course freaked out, because OOOOWWWWWWW! My mom somehow managed to get the stinger out, but the damage was already done. My foot swelled up the next few days and it wasn’t pretty, not at all. And it was so itchy.

Needless to say, I was asked to knock those bees down. As I was standing there surveying how I would do the task, I leaned up against one of the rocks on the outside of my house. I started to wonder if maybe one of the rocks was a secret stone that would open a portal into a new dimension. Or open up a secret room in our house. Or be the entrance to Diagon Alley.

Which stone is it?

I mean my house was built in 2015, so for sure they built it with intention of hiding a secret room.

You should know that I’ve always dreamed of having a secret room. Both literally and figuratively. I often have dreams that I’m in a big house and in the closet where everyone thinks the houses ends, there is a door to a whole other section of the house. I love it because I often like to disappear in a house so no one will bother me.

When we used to go look at houses at the street of dreams, we came upon one house that had a secret room below the staircase. I’m not even talking like a Harry Potter room either. It was a legit sized secret room. All I know is that if I had that house, I would make sure no one knew about it, so I could hide there all the time.

I’m going to keep checking those stones on the front to see if any of them lead to a secret passage. Let’s just hope when I find it, it leads to a new city called Bitter City.

What do you guys think? Do you have any secret stones in your houses? Any secret rooms where you can disappear to? Do you have any bee stories that make you bitter about bees?


Bitter Secret Stone Society Ben

18 thoughts on “Secret Stone on Our House

  1. Got stung multiple times in my groin when I was just a kid, probably because I was messing with a bee’s nest. Don’t mess with bees. Did find a secret room in my relative’s 100 year old house in Michigan last week. It is screwed shut, so it remains unexplored.

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  2. The only thing about bees that makes me feel bitter is that we don’t have enough of them. I wish we could figure out what’s causing the colony collapse problem and fix it, so we can have way more bees.
    If I had a secret room, you’d get to it like the Goonies. The floor would drop out beneath you, and you’d be hurtled through a crazy slide and land in a ball pit in my secret space.

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  3. We use every inch of our house, but we could definitely hide in the attic. I think safe rooms, tornado shelters, and secret rooms are good features for a house.

    I was stung on my hand once while I was just standing around in the quad at my university waiting for a friend. I didn’t hold it against all bees: that one was probably just a jerk.

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  4. I was stung at least once every summer of my childhood. Stepping on honeybees, attacked by wasps, hitting a tree with a mower and disturbing a family of yellow-jackets– such was my childhood.
    I have also wanted a house with a secret room. I have even had dreams–literal, asleep in my bed dreams–of discovering not just one secret room but an entire floor in the house of furnished rooms that we hadn’t realized we owned. J.

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    • Yeah, same. I one time dreamed that a friends house – not mine – had a whole entire mall in the basement. How awesome would that be? I’m guessing all these secret rooms in dreams must symbolize something.


  5. I always dreamt about that secret room too. But knowing that I rent a small apartment, there is very little chance I’ll ever discover one here… Too bad!

    So, did you find yours? And what about the bees? Did you get rid of them yet?


    • I’m sure your apartment has some sort of secret room. Even if it is just a dungeon.

      I haven’t found the right rock yet. I’ll keep trying to find them.

      I got rid of the bee nests, but I think they found a new location. We’ll keep hunting them down.

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