Bitter Business Bureau

Had to furnish this thing.

When we moved into this house about a year ago, we had to furnish it. Of course, we got the most important things first, the couch, TV, and fridge, which I have spent the most amount of time using. I guess we also got a table, our old furniture, and bed, but those weren’t really necessities like the couch. Since we are big shoppers of Costco and Sam’s, my wife decided to get our beds at Sam’s Club.

We figured it would last us a good long time because, you know, beds are supposed to do that. On the other hand, I wanted to get a Purple bed, because I had always heard good things about them and I wanted to be able to get rest in the bed we purchased. I was overruled and we got the Sam’s bed. Now, less than a year later, we have this volcano in the middle of the bed. We both live in these deep canyons on each side, while a big border wall lives in the middle. I don’t know who is going to pay for the wall, and I’m not sure who built it, but there is definitely a border skirmish in the middle which is causing massive problems.

Have a couple of grand canyons in our bed.

I’m not right a whole lot, as my wife will tell you, and time will tell if a Purple bed is the right answer to the bed question, but I think I might have been right about not getting the beds from Sam’s. We both wake up with back pain (though I’ve been doing that since Junior High due to scoliosis) and we pretty much know the culprit.

While I was doing my research about the Purple bed, I read nothing but good things. The beds are great, they don’t wear out, people’s back problems were relieved, they didn’t sleep hot or cold, all the good things. Then one little detail popped up that didn’t make me rethink the bed, but gave me a little pause. Under the little BBB(Better Business Bureau, not Ben’s Bitter Blog) symbol they got an “F” grade. When I saw that, I started wondering a few things.

Does the BBB have a different grading system than schools? Do they just use letters for words like Fit, and Fabulous? Or does Purple beds have a really large problem with dealing with customers? Then I just figured it was bad customer service and moved on.

If they can have a bureau for investigation, why can’t they have one for bitter business?

What I did decide was that I needed to start the Bitter Business Bureau to help bitter people feel comfortable in knowing which businesses had people that weren’t overly cheery or helpful or in their face about things. Because a bitter person doesn’t want people to talk to them when they go to stores. They certainly don’t want helpful people. They just want their product, they want to get out of the store and they want someone to commiserate with them when they bring back the product for a full refund when they are done using it and just want their money back.

I believe the Bitter Business Bureau will finally be an administration that will be of use to bitter people and will help them maintain their bitterness at peak levels.

Who would like to be in the cabinet? Who would like to speak to the government on behalf of the nation’s bitter people to get this new branch of government? Who would like to elect me board member of this (IE guy that gets a golden parachute, but doesn’t have to do any work)?

Join the bitter ranks.


Bitter Business Bureau Ben

Target Deal of the Day: Xbox One X 1TB Black. These things don’t go on sale very often, so you should definitely get one soon. They are only $449.99, $50 off the regular price. And if you don’t like it, contact the Bitter Business Bureau and they will complain really hard for you (no results guaranteed).



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