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Valentine’s Day is coming. Time to show who we really love.

This is probably some really shocking news, but when I was growing up, pizza wasn’t my favorite food. Probably because my parents didn’t expose me much to pizza. Also, I was always hungry, and back then, Hot Pockets didn’t exist and pizza wasn’t exactly an easy thing to whip up when you are dying of hunger as I always was back then.

My favorite was peanut butter. But not everyone’s favorite type of peanut butter sandwich. Nope, I liked Peanut Butter and butter, which may be why I have such a butter shaped belly. Which brand of peanut butter you might be asking (or not)? Well, I liked all of them, but my favorite was Skippy. I also liked Jif, which was really good, but not quite as salty, which I preferred. I loved peanut butter so much, that I ate it over and over and over again until I figured out the delights of pizza.

The debate of it is pronounced Jif or Gif will go on forever.

You know what else is good over and over and over? Gifs. As you know, I have for years now, took the lazy way out on Fridays and always done Gifs (which I call Giftures) on Fridays in the place of doing any actual writing. It is an easy way to close out the week and some people actually tune in for those posts more than any other.

For my source of Gifs, I have used multiple sources around the internet for my inspiration. I have used College Humor, Funny or Die, and Giphy.

On Friday, the Today show had a feature on Giphy and talked to the people that worked there. Obviously, I was very interested in it because I use their service all the time. I have also expressed interest in starting my own film company in which all I produce are 3-5 second films. Who needs a long story, plot, or special effects when you could just film someone falling off a skateboard, failing at a dunk or shooting a kid into the air, by jumping on your bed.

My daughter and I could finally go.

My wife told me to apply to work there, but I told her that the headquarters were in New York. She was fine with that because my daughter has always dreamed of going to a Broadway Show and we could finally go to the Office Musical, and quite possibly Hamilton.

I also said that I could try to accidentally run into Casey Neistat on the street and we could collab and become best friends. Obviously, my career would take off and then I could buy Giphy and make them do all my Bitter Friday Giftures, so I could sit at home and watch TV and eat pizza. Or maybe even peanut butter.

What places would you love to work? What is your favorite Gif?


Bitter 3 Second Giftures Ben

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5 thoughts on “Today’s Story on Giphy

  1. I aint much into gifs, Ben. But I like the funny ones my sister keeps sending me in place of text responses on whatsapp. I guess it is nice to have a view of something that would make you smile or laugh, than to read, I mean occasionally. Just like you, ours was never a family that believed stuff like pizzas or burgers existed. So we made do with Indian stuff whenever we went out for dinner. But this generation, I guess, I can safely call it to be a Pizza-generation.


  2. 3-5 seconds is about the most I can stand of most movies, so I think your idea is genius. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll become a famous gif director. And if they have an awards ceremony for best director of a gif, and you win, you won’t even have to give a long speech, as it will probably be limited to 3-5 seconds.


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