Bitter Nomadic Wanderers

In addition to being what the field looked like, it also is how this blog gets sometimes.

When I was younger a friend and I were walking in a neighborhood that overlooked an empty field. He was from Japan and as you know, Japan is very dense when it comes to the amount of people that live there. As we overlooked the field, he replied wistfully that he wanted to be a nomad. He wanted to wander the countryside, and be all alone.

At that moment, I felt the exact same. Who needs a job, or a place to live, or a purpose. Shouldn’t we all just wander the desert alone, trying to find meaninglessness from our lives? Shouldn’t we all just live off the sustinance of the pizza pieces we find from nature? Probably not, except the pizza part.

But now I know how it feels a little. I may have mentioned that we bought a new house about 20 minutes from where we live. It is pretty much a dream house by my bitterly low standards, and okay by my wifes standards. Other than the 4 car garage, pool and pool house, palatial varanda, extensive front porch, larger walk-in closet, and in house movie theater/sound studio, it is almost what she wanted.

Which house are we going to?

Problem is, we kind of promised our kids that we would let the last few months where they are now. Like starting a new school is hard. I had to do it a couple of times, and it always devestated me to the core. Look how I turned out. Completely disfunctional and bitter. Par for the course for anyone else right?

Because of our bending to the will of these two little selfish humans, we are indeed nomads. We live out of a few boxes in the old place, and then spend the weekends in the new place. We have cable TV, a nice couch, and comfortable beds in our weekend getaway, and all our bad for us snacks in the other. It’s very confusing. We often forget one thing in one house then get bitter that we won’t be able to see it for several days if we don’t bring it to the new house.

We feel awash in a sea, wandering from home to home living off the scraps of pizza in the fridges. What surprise will we find in the one? Which one had the heat turned all the way up? Which one had the heat turned off? Which one had the blanket, and which had my toothbrush?

We fight for the scraps of pizza leftovers.

Which first world problem should I complain about today? Uggh, I all makes me feel like I don’t know where I will rest my bitter head every night. The life of a bitter nomad. How did Moses do it?


Bitter Nomadic Ben

10 thoughts on “Bitter Nomadic Wanderers

  1. I suggest pulling your kids out of school and putting them through home school. The first lesson you can teach them is how to move all your belongings from one house to the other. Sort of a course in transportation and loadmastering.


  2. Congrats on the new place! The things we do for our kids, I tell ya. I also used to think, wouldn’t it be great to just live a nomadic life until I realized that I love knowing exactly where my favorite pillow is and decorating is too fun to leave behind. Hang in there. You’ve only got a couple months…. okay, go ahead and be bitter!


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