Bitter Mice Continued


One is and evil genius and one is insane. Yes, precisely what I want in our world leaders.

It has come to my attention that in my haste to post bitterness about mice, I have left quite a few out.  It is because of this mistake that in my bitterness I include some left out.  My apologies to Stuart Little who was left off the list.  It is because he is part of such a forgettable story and so lacking of any kind of personality that I left him off.  So sorry.

How about Pinky and the Brain?  Of course.  How could I forget them?  One was a genius and one was insane.  So lovable and misguided.  And their plan to take over the world.  Pure genius.  I mean how exciting would it be to have lab rats as our evil genius and insane overlords.  Why would we not be cheering for that?

Who could forget the wonderful Mouse and the Motorcycle?  I mean awesome right?  I’m sure he took the driver’s test and everything.    I read the description on Wikipedia and it sounds like a magical, beautful borefest about a kid’s toy motorcycle and aspirin and some bellhop.  Sounds like the rat wrote this story.  This is why we don’t let them write stories.

Here’s one that makes me bitter.  Of Mice and Men.  I don’t remember one bit of that story ever having a mouse.  Why would they name this bitter tale of Mice and men when there is no mouse.  Arrrgggh.

And please tell me more about other mice that I forgot.  I love reading and doing research.  I love hearing that I forgot something.  Please tell me more about stuff that I do wrong.  That doesn’t make me bitter at all.


2 thoughts on “Bitter Mice Continued

  1. Hi Ben! Long time now see! Or hear from! But let me tell ya, that on the movie “Of Mice and Men”, there IS a mouse. Lenny LOVED to pet soft things. He would have a mouse in his pocket to pet. Eventually it would die but he would keep petting it until it got taken away. Well, there you go! Have a great day!


    • Cheri,
      I am so bitter that I didn’t have time to read such a bitter tale of bitterness such as Of Mice and Men. That would have required that I do homework in school, which I certainly didn’t care for. Maybe I was lucky enough to not have to read it or was able to glean enough off of an encyclopedia (my version of wikipedia for those of you who didn’t grow up in the 70’s) to skate by. I was just bitter that for some reason the mouse got top billing over an actual human being. I mean in real life mice are something that cause girls to jump up on chairs for goodness sake. Stop giving them credit for being adorable! Bitter Ben


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