Bitter Picture of the Week

Even Chocolate is bitter sometimes.

This chocolate seems a little like me.  In it’s core, it is chocolate.  But all the other milk chocolate and sweet chocolate are busy being popular with people.  Nobody cares about the bitter chocolate sitting on the shelf being ignored. But they all have the potential to be like me if left on the shelf and ignored.  Now bitter chocolate has somewhere to commiserate when it is feeling bitter.

Arrrgghhhh, Bitter Picture of the week

Bitter Ben


56 thoughts on “Bitter Picture of the Week

  1. Anyone who really, actually cooks – using real ingredients and not hybrids or labor-free quasi foods – knows that bitter chocolate is the best and only chocolate to use for cookies, cakes, hot chocolate and even some chicken dishes. If people were to go back to real, old-fashioned values bitter chocolate wouldn’t be left lonely on the shelf. So there are two things I’m bitter about – pseudo chocolate cake and poor bitter chocolate on the shelf.


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