Why reading my blog is such a good idea! bitterness

This is going to be heavy!

You know how the Joker says in the Dark Knight, that if you’re good at something you never do it for free?  Since I am really good at annoying people, I have decided that I will charge people for NOT reading my blog.  Because I am very entertaining on the blog and am doing that because it comes naturally.  So, if you want to be entertained and laugh at this bitter guy and all his bitterness, read the blog and enjoy it for free.  But if you decide not to read this blog, there will be a $9.95 cent charge sent to your house each month for the rest of your life until you read my blog.  Talk about a win-win for everybody.  Win for me because I get people to read my blog, or pay me money for not blogging.  Win for you because you either get to read my totally funny bitter blog, or you get to be annoyed by me, and you only have pay $9.95 a month.  And because I don’t make you pay $10, which is way too much.  

Even though I am such a bitter guy, I won’t make you pay tax.  Only late fees.  Because you really need to pay me every month on time.  If you don’t pay on time, then someone else will feel they can be late too and that’s not fair to the ones that do pay on time.  Luckily, the late fees are only $11. 

So please read my blog.  It is much cheaper.


One thought on “Why reading my blog is such a good idea! bitterness

  1. So everyone who posts a comment on your bitter blog splits the month’s intake, right? It’s only fair – anyone who would comment on your blogs must be even more bitter than you; so bitter they can’t express themselves!


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