Mouse bitterness

Still like mice?

Still like mice?

Mice or rats or whatever you want to call them make me so bitter.  They are squeaky and they run all over your house infecting things and chewing up valuable clothing that is worn once and then stored neatly in the back of your closet never to be worn again.

Have they not realized that their place in out in forest where there are dead creatures to eat instead of inside eating all our leftover food that we were too full to eat?  I mean talk about rude right?  Then they have the nerve to run around and scare the women and children of the house (let’s admit it, the men too) only to then die conveniently in some wall that we can never get to so we can smell them for a week before they finally decompose.  Then for weeks we are scarred for life so have to go buy expensive traps only for them to be gone again.  ARRRGGGHHH!

But this is why mice make me so bitter.  We as a country worship them.  Don’t believe me? Every been to Disneyland?  Who’s the symbol of Disney?  Yeah that’s right.  Mikey Mouse, that for some reason everyone in this country likes.  Not only that but he has a girlfriend and they talk.  And walk around on two feet and have a dog that can talk and walk on two feet and another that walks on four and can’t talk.  And they have a duck friend that talks, uh well, something.  Charming, adorable, an icon.  And a mouse.  A stinkin mouse.

How about another Disney/Pixar favorite? Every seen Ratatoille?  An emotional story about a creature that is different from his fellow rats because he has the desire to eat and cook real food.  He ends up in a dying, but world renown kitchen on the brink of collapse and saves not only the restaurant, his bumbling human friend, his relationship with his father rat, and his rat family, and even a critics childhood memories and helping him discover why he became a critic in the first place.  But…he’s a rat.  In a restaurant.  Are you kidding me?  The health inspector is a bad guy…for trying to get rid of the rats.

There are other examples of them out there, Mighty Mouse for some of the older kids and how about the neverending Tom and Jerry cartoons?   This last week there was an all day marathon and I had no idea that there were so many lengthy cartoons for them.  I could barely stand a few short minutes of them them.  And that is when I was 4 years old.  Now they have an hour and a half movie?  Can I sum up one of their cartoons in about two sentences?  Cat almost gets mouse, mouse finds object to pummel cat with.  Repeat.  So the second sentence was a little short.  Sorry.  I’m no genius, but shouldn’t we want a little more creativity from our cartoons?  Shouldn’t we hope that eventually the cat learns a lesson and tries to find a different mouse that isn’t so on to its tricks?  I’m not a smart person, but if a mouse pummeled me over 15,000 times over 50 years, I think I’d try something else.  Anything else.  Same goes for the mouse.  Doesn’t it get old annoying the same person over and over again?  Okay maybe not.

So, mice of the world.  Stop tricking us with cartoon characters that are mildly amusing so that we might like you.  It works for some people but it will not work with me.  No matter how funny you are in when you are in cartoon form, you are still a mouse or a rat.  You are dirty and ugly and you make me bitter.   Be bitter in your forest or whatever.  We aren’t a mouse house.


Bitter Ben

35 thoughts on “Mouse bitterness

  1. are you afraid of minnie mouse or just mickey ? i will be a monkey’s uncle but i couldn’t find the months yesterday.of course i don’t even know what today is …i was talking to myself earlier is today sun oh no i missed george & gracie …wait it’s saturday i missed xyz …


  2. this was so funny. you should be bitter at how no one saw it, to click the like button…speaking of computer genius, that you are. can you explain this: a few hours ago, this skype box appeared & said errin spelling is online.i was shocked to see i was online, when i am not..the new computer where errin spelling would be is in the other room & turned off….is it possible hacker is on there?
    also i once told my chiropractor a mouse was cute & he said no you can’t think that. he will chew your wiring & house will catch on fire.


  3. You know what I’m bitter about? People coming up to you and burping right in your ear. It’s sick and disgusting! Not to mention if they keep repeatedly doing it! Especially if you tell them to stop and they don’t. I’m so bitter ARRRGGGHHH!


    • ReadingRachaelr,
      Thanks for your bitter comments. It seems to me like you are having trouble with someone who is so bitter that they would burp right in your ear. I think you did the right thing by consulting this blog. If you are ever bitter about other things this blog will always be here to listen and provide no good advice whatsoever to give you. We will be glad to complain about things we are bitter about. Like for instance, did you even ask this charming fellow why he burped in your ear? What about his needs? Maybe when you asked him he couldn’t hear. Did you think about that? Maybe this person was just trying to get out some gas that was causing them stomach pain. It seems like you assumed that this person was just trying to do it to annoy you. Maybe you should try to see why you may have been in the wrong. Did you ever think about that? Now I’m bitter! Arrrghhh!!!


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