Seattle Seahawks bitterness

They were this close to winning, the very definition of bitterness.

They were this close to winning, the very definition of bitterness.

This bitter post goes out to all the Seattle Seahawks fans out there. Although I am not a Seahawks fan, I do follow them as a member of the Seattle area as I do listen to sports talk radio. Although I didn’t watch the game, I did hear the ending on the radio and heard a description of the ending from others. As the reigning (or raining) bitter person in this area I feel it is my responsibility to let anyone else who is really bitter this morning to rant on my blog. If it makes you feel better or bitter I feel like I have done my public service (I will not charge any money for this. You’re welcome.)

If you want to rant about another team, well I guess you can do that too.



Bitter Seahawk Fans


7 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks bitterness

  1. I am a Seahawks fan, but I think I am more jaded than bitter. I think it always surprises me when they do well, thus it is hard to be bitter when things don’t go their way.


    • This post wasn’t really meant to be enjoyed actually. It was a public service for all those angry, bitter people that live in my area to vent. As a free service, I am bitter than none of them actually took advantage of it. So, next time I will write something that is actually entertaining to people that can read.


  2. It certainly would have and it would have been a endless week of watching ‘the catch’ over and over and over again. I would have loved to have seen that rematch. Now, the only thing I have left to hope for is a Ravens-Atlanta Super Bowl, so they can over hype the Old Man Ray Lewis vs Old Man Tony Gonzalez angle for two weeks. 😉


  3. Kerry,
    That is what this is all about. In fact, on Friday it occured to me that if the Packers would have beat the 9ers and the Seahawks won, they would have had a chance at payback. I was so hoping for that to happen, just to see what would have happened. All I know is that it would have been one of the most heavily hyped games ever. Instead we are left with a Atlanta Falcons – 49ers game. Snooozzzzee.


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