Friday Picture Busy Bitterness

For some reason this time of year seems to be busier than almost every other time of the year.  There seems to be all kinds of parties, get togethers, gatherings at malls, and tidings of bitter cheer on Facebook.  How is a guy supposed to slack off at work when more people seem to be demanding that things … Continue reading Friday Picture Busy Bitterness

In case you missed it…This will help you forget

Don't you hate when you forget something?  For me, it is either my wallet, phone, keys, 3DS, or that today is Monday. You on the other hand, may have forgotten to read some of my bitter posts.  Here is my unhandy guide to going back into the past and doing something you will regret. I … Continue reading In case you missed it…This will help you forget

If you missed bitterness this week, your aim was a little off

You didn't miss much, just every bit of bitterness I could summon.  I'm no bitter wizard, but I did conjure up some Bitterness Words and Pictures this week. I apperated some Bitter Posts. I went on Bitter Strike because if the grocery stores and governments can strike, so can I.  Strikes against traffic, meeting strikes, … Continue reading If you missed bitterness this week, your aim was a little off

From the BitterBenzoac Era to the Bitter Twitter Era

I have lived in 40 different years, 5 different decades, two different centuries and 2 separate millenniums.  Guess what though, who cares?  It's not the years of bitter experience that allows me to be the unique voice of bitterness to youth of today, and the "more experienced" generations.  I am the bitter bridge that spans the … Continue reading From the BitterBenzoac Era to the Bitter Twitter Era

Bitter Photobombing, Learning and Tables

Doesn't it make you bitter when you are trying to take a picture of something and someone photobombs your perfectly terrible and blurry picture?  I was trying to take a picture of my toe and this T-shirt totally photobombed my picture.  It came out of nowhere, jumped in my photo, acted like a jerk, then left, … Continue reading Bitter Photobombing, Learning and Tables

Bitter Tuesday Pictures of the week

A few people know that Tuesday is my least favorite day of the week.  Every Tuesday things happen at work that suck and make me feel bitter.  Stuff like people finally woke from their slumber on Monday and decide to work and when other people work, that makes me have to work and I don't … Continue reading Bitter Tuesday Pictures of the week

Lazy Friday Picture Bitterness

I know it has been a hard week for everyone, because blah, blah, blah it is always a hard week for everyone ever.  But especially for the readers of this blog who have had to endure so many words these past two posts.  So in order to show that I don't care at all, I have … Continue reading Lazy Friday Picture Bitterness

Bitter Bees

I was cruising along the highway on my way home from yet another bitter day of work, window down, sweating up a storm, with my no air conditioning, perusing WordPress on my phone, while not paying attention to the road(or anything else for that matter), except to occasionally look up at the ridiculous gas prices, … Continue reading Bitter Bees

Outdoor Bitterness

When I was growing up, one of my first memories was when I was 6 years old.  My brother and I got home from an excersion of some sort(might have been a vacation trip or a trip to the grocery store.  You expect me to remember?  I was 6.)  I was dressed in my Superman pajamas and my brother was in his Batman pj's … Continue reading Outdoor Bitterness

Bitter Car Pictures of the Week

Doesn't it make you bitter when you just want someone else to do your work for you, because you are lazy? Well, not only am I lazy, but I am incompetent.  I don't know anything about cars, except how to operate the windshield wipers.  And even those I get confused with.  Which button makes them go slow … Continue reading Bitter Car Pictures of the Week

Summer Bitterness

My childhood played a bitterly cruel trick on me. Why? Because according to 1-13 year old Bitter Ben, I was supposed to get a mandatory 3 month summer vacation and I was forced to have fun.  Summers were a bitter time where I was supposed to do run around without purpose, play bitterly cruel pranks on … Continue reading Summer Bitterness

Random Acts of Bitterness

Most people I know want to make a difference in their lives.  I do too, but between my  B.I.T.T.E.R. School of Bitterness, my amusement park,Bitterland, this blog, which has the potential to be read by 10's of people, and my Bittertising Agency I have multiple avenues to affect the people of this world.  Most people don't have these vast … Continue reading Random Acts of Bitterness

Bitter Pictures of the Early Part of the Week (or Monday as I like to call it)

My bitterness goes to places most people don't even think about.  But, people can relate to me because I am also bitter about common things that everyone is bitter about too.  For instance, I am the most bitter about the day we all call Tuesday, but I am also bitter about Mondays as well, like most … Continue reading Bitter Pictures of the Early Part of the Week (or Monday as I like to call it)

School carnival bitterness

As you have may have read in the past, I am a Demusement park owner.  Disneyland was a place modeled after my park Bitterland.  The difference is that at Bitterland, I deliberately have disdain for my customers and I am honest about it, while Disney tries to hide the fact that it only loves your … Continue reading School carnival bitterness

Day after Bitterness

I am a bitter forward thinker.  A bitter visionary.  While others are thinking about things that make them bitter in the present, I am looking forward to things that will make me bitter in the future.  I don't look at the past and stew over past bitterness or live in the moments bitterness like most … Continue reading Day after Bitterness

Bitter Awareness Week

This morning I woke with a start from my normal nightmaring, because I felt like something was wrong.  I looked at my alarm clock and it said 4:42 am.  I missed my alarm. That is why things felt so wrong.  Adreneline kicked in and I rushed to take a quick shower and then promptly went back … Continue reading Bitter Awareness Week

Bitter News with Pictures

Sarcasm is my second language.  The only reason it is second is because Bitterness is my native tongue.  I hope to someday learn English fluently.  When I get really ambitious I might learn Spanish bitterness, then possibly Spanish sarcasm.  Don't ever expect me to learn Spanish though. There is finally a way to express my heartfelt … Continue reading Bitter News with Pictures

Wanted: Bitter Rival to Share Bitter Feud with

Hi, Bitter People and others.  There is something that I want to get off my chest.  I have to admit that lately I've been feeling empty.  Don't get me wrong.  Being bitter is great and all.  But I have been missing something my whole life and this morning I finally figured what it was.  I … Continue reading Wanted: Bitter Rival to Share Bitter Feud with