If you missed bitterness this week, your aim was a little off

For those with bad aim.

For those with bad aim.

You didn’t miss much, just every bit of bitterness I could summon.  I’m no bitter wizard, but I did conjure up some Bitterness Words and Pictures this week.

I apperated some Bitter Posts.

I went on Bitter Strike because if the grocery stores and governments can strike, so can I.  Strikes against traffic, meeting strikes, heck even an air strike…against the government.

Then I talked about things that make me Bitterly Scared like hair, bread, couches, and other scary things.

The end of the week brought about a scary new thing called Fogtober.  Now that I am seeing all these posts about scariness, I think it is time to go back to more bitterness next week.  Bitter note to self almost forgotten already.

Let just move on to Bitter Twitters you missed this  week:

If that isn’t enough to make you bitter, here are some bitter pictures:

I was seeing things this week.

I was seeing things this week.

Some gifts from Santa Claus are just crap.

Having a crappy week….

And people drove me up the wall.

And people drove me up the wall.

One last way to get more bitter.  For those of you that are new to the Bitter Blog, check out some of my pages at the top.  I started a school called Ben’s B.I.T.T.E.R. school of Bitterness where I help small children get a head start on bitterness at a young age at a price that will make their parents bitter at me.

I put up awards I’ve received from people who had no idea what they were doing.

I occasionally do Bitter Reviews of things that no on cares about on my Bitter Reviews page (this may be why I am called The King of Obvious as well as King of Bitter.)

I started a Television Network called the Bitter Entertainment Network of B.E.N. for short.  So far I have one news broadcast and one blooper episode of that news broadcast.  It’s is rich with content I know.  Don’t be jealous.

It’s a lot of bitter to take, I know, but if you don’t like it, do like 6.99999 billion people do and don’t read or participate, and not miss me….with your bad aim.


Bitter Bad Aim Ben

25 thoughts on “If you missed bitterness this week, your aim was a little off

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