A new form of radio and Podcasting called Bittercasting.

A new form of radio and Podcasting called Bittercasting.

Hello Bitter people or others who have nothing else to do tonight or do, but want to avoid to doing that thing that they have to do.  Have I got a thing that you definitely do not want to do.  A long time ago, I did a post about Finding a Bitter Rival.  It was a failure as noone seemed to step up their game to rival my bitterness.  Believe me, some people tried, but in the end I am destined to be alone in my bitterness and I will have no one to push me to greater heights of bitterness.  I will always just be mediocre in all ways.

The point is that a bitter dude named Earl Merkel who does a podcast called The Book, with Earl Merkel(creative name), made me record that particular post and feature it on his podcast(and by made me, I mean he asked me).  If you’ve dreamed about hearing the monotoned sound of bitterness on a podcast sandwiched in between actual good segments by real authors and talented people, then your bitter dreams have come true.  If not, listen to it anyways, because it will only be 3 minutes that you have wasted today.

Here is the the link regardless of what your choice is.



Bitter Ben


42 thoughts on “Bittercast

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  9. This piece of nostalgia(antique radio) is quite sweet. I know your outcome was meant to be quite bitter…so I listened and it was very acidic and dry wit wins. I like your voice, too bad. Anyway, it is great to have someone almost make it big! Hope you do someday!!


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