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You know what I am saying Tuesday?

You know what I am saying Tuesday? You can’t seem to take a hint.

A few people know that Tuesday is my least favorite day of the week.  Every Tuesday things happen at work that suck and make me feel bitter.  Stuff like people finally woke from their slumber on Monday and decide to work and when other people work, that makes me have to work and I don’t like to work.  Know what I’m saying?  So in dishonor to Tuesday, I have brought you these bitter pictures/gifs.

Naps, please take me back.  I promise I will ignore other people and responsibilities from now on.

Naps, please take me back. I promise I will ignore other people and responsibilities from now on.

Naps, first of all I was not a jerk to you in Kindergarten.  Not only did I nap when I was supposed to, I napped at other times, like paste eating period, make stupid crafts hour, and pay attention to letters and numbers class.  Now that I am grown up, I am just as bitter about people that deny me naps.  There is no reason why I will ever stop napping. You are always my first priority.


Speaking of responsibility, every once in a while, I am awake for some reason, probably because I have to be responsible for something, like a water bottle or kids or something.  But sometimes that gets boring. So, I have found a way to combine taking care of kids and not being bored.


Entertainment and a good workout. 

Sure they may fall and get a little bruised or whatever, but you know, I have always had trouble catching a curvebaby.  And if they would bounce a little better I could work on my basketball dribbling.  I’ve always wanted to play catch with my son.  Why wait until he is 7 or 8, when he is light enough to toss right now.  Plus you know, people keep talking about being in the outdoors, getting away from electronics.  If I am going to get my 8 month old a cell phone, I should at least teach it to be outdoors so it doesn’t get soft.

Bitter Spoiler Warning.

By the way, a short Bachelorette update.  Someone broke up with someone and the someone that got broken up with was crying bitter tears.  Okay, only girl on this show, you have broken up with like 20 some men on this show.  Most of them left with bitterness and resentment, but didn’t cry, but one little guy doesn’t return your affection and we have to spend the rest of the show seeing you disappointed and crying. Seeing you cry about this guy who you cared so much about was so….awesome.  Thanks.

She is crying bitter tears because he broke up with her and broke her heart.  He is crying because he found out he has to get a haircut.

She is crying bitter tears because he broke up with her and broke her heart. He is crying because he found out he has to get a haircut.


I would wish you a bitter Tuesday, but that goes without saying.  Because no good day can end with having to take out the garbage.


Bitter Tuesday Ben





138 thoughts on “Bitter Tuesday Pictures of the week

  1. You have some good and bitter points, as always. Arrggh! For me, garbage is no big deal but it is vacuuming and dusting. Oh, and throwing out my paper plates but having to wash the plastic silverware, or worse yet, using the “real” stuff. I hate being a grown up!


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  3. I

    I’m with you about Tuesdays. I always called it “Bad News Tuesday.” For some reason bad news always comes on Tuesdays and so do the bills. Everyday of the week seems to have its place except Tuesday. Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is payday, Friday is the end of the work week. Saturday and Sunday is the weekend and nobody even discusses Monday – they just robot through it half asleep. But what good is Tuesday for? It’s good for nothing.


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  6. Husband and I watch the Bachelorette because we find it hilarious. She is all broken up that this guy didn’t return her affections. I mean, really? You’re on a reality television show. If you really wanted to find love, there are better ways.

    The best part, is she goes around like a tramp, kissing all of these men, and the other night – the same episode where that guy ended things – she had stayed the night with one of the other contestants in a suite. I guess she has to sleep with people, too, before she can commit.

    Hilarious show.


    • I found it kind of telling that she basically told everyone that she was going to choose him and it was hard because she had to pretend with the others. So she spent the night with that one dude even though she knew she was going to ask Brooks to marry her.


  7. I haven’t seen this installment of The Bachelorette or the ending of Sean’s season. I’m still confused as to why Des was even chosen to be the Bachelorette. So weird. Hope your Wednesdays are better. How’s your garden, btw? LOL


  8. After waiting in a return line today where the man in front of me could be the real life “Wreck it Ralph”, with tree-trunk legs that were hairier than a tarantula’s, it was quite the Bitter Tuesday. If I had kids, I’d definitely have been in a mood to “play” with them. Enjoy future eps of Bachelorette. A better bitter. I’m certainly no better, tho equally bitter — I watch Breaking Pointe……


  9. First of all, female Ben in gif form is hot. Second, don’t let these people give you crap about watching The Bachelorette! What were you supposed to do on a Monday night, study astrophysics or some such nonsense? That show is mesmerizing, like My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. It feeds your bitter soul.


    • I guess that I meant that she was the female me because she was bitter. Looks are nothing like me. As far as a Monday night I should have been wasting it on things like video games or watching The Office and being bitter that I’m not funny like them.


  10. Have a BLT, Ben… (Bitter Laugh Tuesday)… if you laugh when you’re bitter, it’ll confuse people and keep them guessing.

    And what is the Bachelorette? A tv program or something? You know we have to get special permission to watch American tv up here… which of course i’m bitter about, you bet i am.


  11. The bachelorette? UGH Who cares about love and that crap…

    If you really want to feel like all the joy has gone out of the world, watch Big Brother. They literally have to lie, cheat, and backstab to get to the end. And then when they’ve screwed over everyone else, they get a giant pile of money. It’s the symbol of everything that is wrong with the world. And it’s awesome. 😀


  12. My daughter loves Pretty Little Liars. Therefore, she loves Tuesdays. Which I gather you find, Pretty Little Bitter. I sat through the first half of the half of the part of the end of the half of the Bachelorette finale. How much coverage can they do on two people crying and snorting??? I agree with you. She has had to break a million hearts. Woe is Des. 🙂


  13. Just as bitter and entertaining as usual. Love your bitterness. You sling it like the hash in a diner and I keep coming back for more. Love your blog!


  14. That first one is from Pretty Little Liars, one of my favorite ABC Family abominations. I’m obsessed.

    As for naps, if “napper,” (not to be confused with KIDnapper) was a career, my earning potential would increase 200%.


    • The solution to that is doing them at the most inappropriate times, like when you are driving, watching a kid’s sport, or when others are talking to you. Or appropriate times like in meetings.


  15. ok, so I have to ask, do you actually watch that crappy show?! lol, I sure hope not. If so, maybe that’s part of why you’re bitter. Tuesday is pretty meh, but on the bright side, taco Tuesday, and just about Wednesday, which means the week is already almost half over!


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