A/B itter Testing BFG’s

When I was young, I had a really diverse palate. I ate mushed up peas, carrots, bananas and even apples. My mom fooled me into believing that they tasted good by using a deceptive trick she called airplane mode. She would maneuver a spoonful of yucky tasting crushed up carrots in an airplane motion to … Continue reading A/B itter Testing BFG’s

So Dramatic Bitter Friday Giftures

  My wife and I talk about the debate between nature vs. nurture a lot. Probably because we have one child that is biological and one who is adopted. Why do some personality things seem to pass down because of what our kids are around and what comes from their parent's direct DNA? Our kids … Continue reading So Dramatic Bitter Friday Giftures

The Best Handheld Device

    When I grew up, we had these things called phones that were just a menace. They had long cords, big circular dials and were only used for actually calling people to talk, which quite frankly is the least good thing about phones. If you wanted to talk to someone that lived far away, … Continue reading The Best Handheld Device

Lettuce Talk about this Bitterness

The first job I ever had was at Little Caeser's Pizza. I was just a burgeoning bitterling at 15 and my dad told me I had to get a job. The only reason I got the job was because the manager was new and he didn't really know what he was doing either. He didn't … Continue reading Lettuce Talk about this Bitterness

Hot N Ready Bitter Friday Giftures

  Pizza. The food. Cheese, pepperoni, tomato sauce, just the right amount of grease. A circle inside a square box, cut into triangles. And in most cases delivered to your door, hot and ready. Goes perfectly with soda. Foldable, sliceable, fits nicely in your hand. Fits nicely on a plate, and even when you are … Continue reading Hot N Ready Bitter Friday Giftures

Super Straw Friday Giftures

  I'm finally starting to watch Parks And Rec, by the recommendation of just about everyone, and you know for a fact it isn't because of Leslie Knope. Way to optomistic, way too friendly, way too much of a hard worker. Obviously it is for Ron Swanson and Andy. Ron is the perfect example and … Continue reading Super Straw Friday Giftures

Pizza Better for you than cereal

The radio. Often you are forced to listen to it in your car because you can't really do anything else. You're not allowed to text, or play video games, and reading books seems to be out of the question. It's kind of uncool that we aren't even allowed to sleep while we are driving. It … Continue reading Pizza Better for you than cereal

1000 Posts Weak

I am really good at starting things. I wrote the first draft of a novel, still in the middle of 2-17 drafts that are required to get published. I started wrapping my wife's gift for Christmas..., oh crap she is here. Hold on a minute.... Okay, that was close. I hid it in the basement … Continue reading 1000 Posts Weak

Bread And Bitter

Halloween is always kind of an awkward time for me. Especially at work. You never quite know if people are going to dress up and if no one does and you do, it is the most awkward thing ever. Then there is the really uncomfortable aspect about your costume. If you wear one that makes … Continue reading Bread And Bitter

The Bitter Transforming Pizza

There is something I have never understood about Halloween. It is one the biggest in this country, where I've heard the most money is spent, and somehow it isn't really a holiday? At least from what I have heard, a holiday consists of me getting the day off. And as long as I can remember, … Continue reading The Bitter Transforming Pizza

Dangling that Bitter Carrot

There is probably some sort of reason why I get up at 5:30 in the morning, fall asleep in the shower, put some clothes on, shave this freaking face, get in a car, hop on the train with like a billion people that give me bitter stares, get off the train and walk like 15 … Continue reading Dangling that Bitter Carrot

Who’s your Best Friend? Friday Giftures

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKHMqTUBQkY I see it everyday. Littered across different blogs, or on Instagram feeds, or even on the antiquated Facebook. Pictures of people with other people that aren't in their family. Not people that they work with. They are smiling in photos, or happily sitting on beach chairs, or going on hikes through the woods, or … Continue reading Who’s your Best Friend? Friday Giftures


I'm only good at a few things. I excel at laying on the couch. I can make macaroni and cheese. I'm pretty good at almost finishing things in video games. I'm pretty great at zoning out at a moment's notice. On Friday, when I was getting my pizza, then driving to the library, I realized … Continue reading Pizzalympics

Chip on Your Shoulder Bitter Giftures

I was born with a overgrown chip on my shoulder which contributed to my acute bittertosis. This chip contributed to my lifelong bitter rivalry with Scouts. Last night as we went to the concert(don't get all excited, it was my son's 2nd grade space concert), which caused us to show up late for his scout … Continue reading Chip on Your Shoulder Bitter Giftures

National Pizza Day

I don't remember much from seventh grade; I had a crush on a girl who could type way faster than me, I remember math quickly becoming my bitter rival, and my first time in art class, the teacher asked us what our favorite food(okay maybe I do remember a lot). As an introvert, I sat … Continue reading National Pizza Day

It’s all Downhill from here Friday Giftures

Everyone goes through peaks and valleys or as I like to call them The Middle of the Sun during Summer and Middle of the Antarctic in the winter.  You might reach your peak efficiency of the work week on Wednesday at 10 am, or you might reach you absolute low at 3 pm on Tuesday. … Continue reading It’s all Downhill from here Friday Giftures

Becoming a Pizza Gardener

Last Friday, I was eating a sandwich from a place called Home Grown that was really good, and it came with some chips that were also really good.  One of my co-workers wondered aloud if they actually grew the potatoes themselves to make the chips.  That lead me to then say, "Nope. I think they … Continue reading Becoming a Pizza Gardener

Unplanned obsolescence bitterness

Whether you like it or not, many products and services fail(I'm not the only thing that fails over and over).  It is the nature of things to eventually break whether it is your car, your refrigerator, or Transformer toy collection(like I would know anything about this).  What you may not know is that companies and manufacturers actually plan … Continue reading Unplanned obsolescence bitterness

Hiding Friday Giftures

Considering all the bitterness that happened this week, there are all kinds of reasons you needed to stay home and not be here at work.  You know what I'm talking about.  You embarrassed the boss by doing that thing, you did that report on Word instead of Excel, and you spilled water all over your … Continue reading Hiding Friday Giftures