1000 Posts Weak

Thanks for the button reminding me how old I am, WordPress.

I am really good at starting things. I wrote the first draft of a novel, still in the middle of 2-17 drafts that are required to get published. I started wrapping my wife’s gift for Christmas…, oh crap she is here. Hold on a minute….

Okay, that was close. I hid it in the basement where I will most certainly forget where I put it. I started to help my kids with their homework earlier too.

It finishing things that I have problems with. Geez, settle down adult responsibilities. Stop getting in the way of the post I was going to write. What was I talking about again? Ugggh, forget it. Anyways, I started a YouTube series of videos, called Bitter News from the Couch. It got a first season, which completed like 2 years ago, then it got renewed for a second season by YouTube, and then I only did one episode. What is wrong with me? I mean besides everything.

The only thing I have ever finished is my kids pizza. That I will do until the day I die. Over 5 years ago, I committed to writing about every single thing that made me bitter. Today I hit blog post 1000, which means that if every blog post were a year(which is about how long it felt each post was to write), I would be a millennial right now, right? And yet, here we are, just scratching the surface of all the things that make me bitter.

Finishing my kids pizza since 2004.

I try every year on my birthday to knock out a bunch on one day (one for every year I grace this earth with my curse) and still I’m way behind. It would be nice if we could recruit more people around here to do more bitter posts, so I could knock out a few more, but you guys seems to positive, sunny, and not so helpful. My crusade to find all the bitter is pretty hard when you guys aren’t doing any of the work for me. You know it is my goal to sit on the couch, watch television and eat pizza right?

How does a guy get any help around here?Β  In the meantime, I will be toiling away over in this corner doing blog post after blog post, till I get to 2000 and rename it 20th Century Bitterness, making you all bitter. I hope that someone just volunteers to be my personal assistant for free and takes over all the things that require me doing anything but sitting on the couch and writing posts.

Just another thing I didn’t finish.


Bitter 1000 Poster Ben


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