Super Straw Friday Giftures


I’m finally starting to watch Parks And Rec, by the recommendation of just about everyone, and you know for a fact it isn’t because of Leslie Knope. Way to optomistic, way too friendly, way too much of a hard worker. Obviously it is for Ron Swanson and Andy. Ron is the perfect example and how it is done. Make sure you have a person blocking all your calls, being okay with a government shut down so you can have three months off from being around people, and meat tornadoes. If you watch the show, you know. And if you don’t, well I guess just watch it or don’t. I don’t care. Also, for the super lazy like me, Andy created the Super Straw, which makes it super easy to drink from a really long ways away. I’m thinking I should get a Super Straw to drink at home from work. Then people might think I’m at work doing something.

This guy learned how to flip…

…the epic fail way.

Come on doggie…

…you can’t do it!

You were so close dude

…missed it by that much.

This girl was up the stream…

…without a paddle.

They were so close to being a syncronized swimming team…

…until that guy decided to fall in the overground pool with no water.

Gotta love all the way work that went into…


…making this jump an epic fail.

This isn’t a photobomb…

…this is a photo explosion. 

This kid is just looking…

…to ramp up his game.

Now this is what I like to call…

…the running into a tree route.

This dog would come in really handy…

…at Halloween.

This is what it feels like sometimes…

…when you are trying to climb the corporate ladder.

On the epic fail scale…

…we give all these people…a 10.

Now if only I could get a super fork that allowed me to eat piza from a distance. It would be an awesome way to get pizza at lunch without having to move from my desk or couch, and would have the added bonus of freaking out pizza store employees, when a fork entered their store grabbing slices of pizza from their ovens. On the other hand, it would take so long that the pizza would cool by the time it hit the roof of my mouth.


Bitter Super Straw and Fork Ben


17 thoughts on “Super Straw Friday Giftures

  1. Okay Ben, I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, dealing with spelling and grammatical errors and trying to keep my proverbial mouth shut…but you just misspelled pizza….PIZZA! for God’s sake!! Are you okay?


  2. I keep watching the dog on the slide…hoping he’ll make it next time, but he never does. Poor poochie.

    Never watched Parks ‘n’ Rec and don’t plan on it. There are too many other shows I can’t keep up with because life is too dang busy! Arrrrggghhh! (Which means I get up from the couch on occasion.)


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