It’s all Downhill from here Friday Giftures

Everyone goes through peaks and valleys or as I like to call them The Middle of the Sun during Summer and Middle of the Antarctic in the winter.  You might reach your peak efficiency of the work week on Wednesday at 10 am, or you might reach you absolute low at 3 pm on Tuesday. Or you might have the best year of your life at 32 or the worst one at 31.  A bitter person has only one peak which is when they are born, and then everything else is downhill from there.   It’s basically like getting to the top of the kiddie slide and just complaining so much about the steep one foot decline that everyone around you thinks it’s the world’s tallest slide.  And they are so tired of hearing you complain about your first world problems that they finally decide to stop following your blog, uh I mean listening to your waterslide complaints. Speaking of things that are going downhill fast, here are this week Friday Giftures.

You know mankind’s day in the sun is setting…


…when the one advantage we had over the dinos is taken away. 

You know it’s time to get out of professional baseball…


…when you get outclassed by a barehanded guy holding a baby. 

Dog may be man’s best friend for now…


…but with balloon popping skills like that, we may be dog’s best friend soon.

Are we really certain…


…that humans are more evolved than apes?

It’s a good thing most people’s smart phones are wireless…


…or some of us would never leave the house.

This guy should sue…


…because the store didn’t put up a sign anywhere that he specifically could pick things up. 

It’s pretty bad these days…


…when would be thieves can’t even get a little chair-ity. 

You would think that people would have learned by now…


…the powerful strength that can come from someone that is disturbed during a nap. 

Or the rage of someone…


…who doesn’t get fed when they are hungry.

It almost makes someone…


…want to flip out…badly.

Other people are fed up…


…and just don’t want to taco bout it. 

And that…


…is the last straw. 

That concludes the downward slide for today. Not because the slide is over, but just because today is Friday and you are ignoring your downward slide to concentrate on the pizza you are going to have for lunch.  Which will have something wrong with it for sure, and you will need to complain about while you are cramming it down your throat.


Bitter Downward Sliding Dog Ben


16 thoughts on “It’s all Downhill from here Friday Giftures

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  2. I have never understood the whole uphill / downhill thing – isn’t downhill better? I mean, I have never once had to get off my bike and push it down a hill.Maybe you should do one of your rivalry things on this point . . .


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