The Great Equalizer Bitter Friday Giftures

There is a video that I saw on Facebook that I saw quite a while ago that has stuck with me for some time. It was last year and it was a comedic video about how much Disney dominated the world of entertainment and now they were going to take on Netflix with Disney+. It … Continue reading The Great Equalizer Bitter Friday Giftures

Halloween Bitter Friday Giftures

  Halloween is just around the corner and this may be the scariest year yet, because many places are either cancelling or being told they can't do Halloween. While I'm not a huge Halloween fan, I know many people consider Halloween their favorite holiday. I feel for them and also for society, because when some … Continue reading Halloween Bitter Friday Giftures

The Amazing Race Bitter Friday Giftures

  Race has been a tricky word this year, whether it be in the race for the presidency or other dealing with the different races in our country, but I think we should talk more about the Amazing Race, which just started its 32nd season? I don't know what it is about this show, (maybe … Continue reading The Amazing Race Bitter Friday Giftures

World’s Longest Job Interview Bitter Friday Giftures

  I don't get political on this blog. If you are looking for that, you've got thousands of other places to go for that. But, since this is a bitter blog talking about bitter things, it's pretty easy to be bitter about politics. What I would like to talk about is something that came up … Continue reading World’s Longest Job Interview Bitter Friday Giftures

Instruction Manual Bitter Friday Giftures

  Owner's manual's seem to come with everything. You get them for TV's and vacuum's and cars and camera's. Some people love them and some hate them. Some people devour them as soon as they open the item, while some immediately trash them. Some are incredibly long and some barely have a quarter of a … Continue reading Instruction Manual Bitter Friday Giftures

Fall Bitter Friday Giftures

  Early next week, somehow we will officially start fall, which means that all fires will stop, all hurricanes will cease, and all disease will go away and pumpkin spice everything will come back. That is so crazy since it seems like all these weird things have been happening all year. It's weird how it … Continue reading Fall Bitter Friday Giftures

Subject Lines Bitter Friday Giftures

  When I was in 7th grade, our social studies teacher made us do this assignment where we had to pick a career that we wanted to do when we grew up. I think most kids blew it off and probably had no idea what they wanted to do when they were in 7th grade. … Continue reading Subject Lines Bitter Friday Giftures

Editing 2020 Bitter Friday Giftures

  As writers, or wanna be writers like me, we are all pretty familiar with the editing process in one way or another. I also do a lot of video, so I know how painstaking editing can be to remove all the um, errs, and awkward pauses to make a good looking video. Instagrammers are … Continue reading Editing 2020 Bitter Friday Giftures

My Chair is Aging Bitter Friday Giftures

  I just started a new job a couple of months ago, and when they brought me to my desk, it was pretty plain. It has a computer, two monitors and well, a chair. I have a really bad back, because of age, scoliosis that I was diagnosed for as a kid and before last … Continue reading My Chair is Aging Bitter Friday Giftures

Attention Getting Bad Air Quality Bitter Friday Giftures

  You would probably never guess this, but Utah has one of the worst air quality areas in the country. It's this weird weather phenomenon called the inversion that makes it that way. Then, in the late summer, because it is so hot,  we get these massive forest fires. This year, not so much. This … Continue reading Attention Getting Bad Air Quality Bitter Friday Giftures

The World has never been more clean Bitter Friday Giftures

  When Dwight Shrute of The Office was at Phyllis' wedding, he proclaimed, "There's too many people in this world. We need a new plague." I always agreed with him, and we finally found it. People are starting to realize that we don't need to be around each other as much as we thought, and … Continue reading The World has never been more clean Bitter Friday Giftures

Bodycam for Work Bitter Friday Giftures

  I get a lot of ideas and inspiration from Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert), who is actually a pretty brilliant guy, with a good sense of humor.  I'm much like him, except for his brilliance and sense of humor. Anyway, recently he had a series of Dilberts where Dilbert wore a work bodycam so … Continue reading Bodycam for Work Bitter Friday Giftures

Balloons Are the Worst Bitter Friday Giftures

  A couple of weeks ago, we were trying to do a nice surprise for my daughter for her birthday. I had spent most of the morning and afternoon at a 7 on 7 football tournament, so I was dog tired from all the heat, but my wife wanted me to immediately get up and … Continue reading Balloons Are the Worst Bitter Friday Giftures

Swift Kick in the Bitter Friday Giftures

  I don't know if you know it, but your teenager does and they will tell you about it Swiftly. Taylor Swift dropped a surprise album last night, which has kind of become a little trendy for the big singers. I'm sure if I dropped a surprise album last night, it would still be a … Continue reading Swift Kick in the Bitter Friday Giftures

Air Conditioning Bitter Friday Giftures

  About a week ago, just like summer clockwork, our air conditioning pooped out during the biggest heatwaves of the summer. It's all about timing right? In at least 4 instances in my life, the air conditioning has done this and that is just counting times I can remember. It just seems to me that … Continue reading Air Conditioning Bitter Friday Giftures

Spreading the Cheer Bitter Friday Giftures

  Don't you just love Christmas in July? Yeah, me neither. Hallmark does this thing every year where they try and recapture the magic of Christmas by showing their really bad Christmas specials during the hottest part of the year, July. It's kind of a going against the grain strategy, if you will. In the … Continue reading Spreading the Cheer Bitter Friday Giftures

Eye Contact Bitter Friday Giftures

  I've always had trouble with eye contact. I don't know what it is about eye contact, but I think somehow it is related to how confident you are, or something like that.  Other times you just don't know the appropriate amount of time you are allowed or supposed to look at someone. It seems … Continue reading Eye Contact Bitter Friday Giftures

Wildfire Bitter Friday Giftures

  You know that expression spreading like wildfire? I guess it is talking about how last summer there were a lot of fires and they spread really fast, because people would light a fire and then seconds later a whole forest would burn down. I can't think of anything that has happened this year that … Continue reading Wildfire Bitter Friday Giftures

Donation Station Bitter Friday Giftures

  As many stores closed in mid-March for the epidemic and we were forced to stay home, many crazy things started happening. One of the more unexpected things that happened was the thrift store closing and people doing some serious spring cleaning while they were at home. The combination of stuff that needed to be … Continue reading Donation Station Bitter Friday Giftures

The Matrix Bitter Friday Giftures

  It seems to me that the Matrix hasn't been working very well lately.  There must be some sort of glitch that is causing some really unbelievable things. The whole fabric of society seems to be crumbling and the machines are getting worse at covering up that they are responsible. Have you noticed it like … Continue reading The Matrix Bitter Friday Giftures