April Fool Bitter Friday Giftures

Other than the my birthday and Christmas, April Fool’s Day is probably my favorite day of the year. It was especially awesome back in the day when the company I worked for had year end on March 31st, which meant we often had to stay until really late pretending to work or something. So the next day, always felt like a day when I could come to work and not worry about working, and could relax. I also love it for the amount of amazing products that come out that day, and then all of sudden don’t, because it was just a cruel joke.

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve always done a April Fool’s post, some of which were really well planned out and actually worked with some people, and some of which were really lame. My biggest problem is the fact that my blog is so absurd sometimes that people won’t believe anything that is even a little suspect. So I have to get pretty realistic with the ruse, and then just tweak it slightly. This year, my post was mostly true. I did start writing a book before I started the blog and I did even attend a book writing conference and did actually have one publisher ask me for pages. The only thing that wasn’t true was the part about her asking for the whole thing.

The sad thing is that some companies like Google think that because “we are in the middle of a pandemic”, so we can’t do humor anymore. I say first of all, we are in the ending of a pandemic, and second, if we can’t have fun on April Fool’s day, then why is life worth living anyways? Either way, let’s have some end of pandemic Bitter Friday Giftures.

I guess we can’t make fun of kids…

beach day GIF
…because they are young or something.

We can’t make fun of bloggers…

daniel bryan wwe GIF
…because they are serious writers.

We can’t make fun of cows…

ride fail GIF
…because they are food.

We can’t make fun of bikers…

bicycle treadmill GIF by AFV Epic Fails
…because they are serious athletes.

We can’t make fun of Lamborghini’s…

Magic Fails GIF by JustViral.Net
…because they are supercars.

We can’t make fun of pets…

Mood Jumping GIF by JustViral.Net
…because they are fur babies.

We can’t make fun of shoe stores…

Wow Running GIF by JustViral.Net
…because they provide protection for our feet.

We can’t make fun of soccer players…

1PlaySports fail fall crash damn GIF
…because they are serious actors.

We can’t make fun of clay figures…

Awesome Animation GIF by JustViral.Net
…because they are serious weight lifters.

We can’t make fun of carpets…

jimmy fails GIF
…because they are serious dog storage facilities.

We can’t make fun of Mondays…

Fails Star Wars GIF by LEGO
…because they are just beginning of the week starters.

And we definitely can’t make fun of playground equipment…

fail get out GIF by Action Point
…because they are just children entertainment engineers.

I suppose that if we are just a little smarter and safer, and we are good, by July of next year, we will be able to more safely be able to make fun of…something. Until then, please just make sure to mask your sense of humor.

In the meantime, thanks for taking everything seriously.


Bitter April Fools Bitterness


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