Bitter Book Bitterness

Recently, I did a blog post about the fact that I’ve been blogging for 9 years now. Which seems crazy, because I barely have the attention span of a gnat. This blog is older than most gnats. Except for that gnat that looks like Prince Phillip.

Prince Philip moved to 2nd hospital as he continues to battle infection -  ABC News

You might think that I’ve done nothing else in the last decade, and you would be mostly right. Both my kids were born by then, so I was pretty much done parenting. And I’ve had a job on and off this decade, but showing up to a job is different than working. And as soon as I get home, my couch becomes my very comfortable throne. So, it would seem that I hardly did anything but blog once in a while to keep this web address from expiring.

But there is one surprise that you might not know about. For a long time, I’ve been trying to write a book. I don’t know if it is because I’m a really slow typist, or I’m just really lazy, but I started writing this book before I ever started my blog, which means we are a decade and counting. In fact, when I first started my book, Facebook was just a project in Zuckerberg’s dorm, faxes still existed and the only Tik Tok was Vine. At this point, I’m not rewriting those parts of the book. I’ll just change the category of the book historical young adult fiction.

RIP Vine: The Death of a Social Media Platform - Devine + Partners
Started and died in my blog lifespan.

Anyways, after submitting this book to over a hundred publishers and even getting rejected for self-publishing, I finally got a hit. Crazily enough, it was from a publisher that I met at a Book Writing conference that I attended almost 7 years ago, and she was the only one that asked for 50 pages. She finally got around to reading my pages and asked for the whole draft. I almost fell off my couch when I read the email. After all the mighty struggle, I might actually be getting my book published.

It’s still too early, and I’m probably jinxing it, and there is a lot of work to go, but this is pretty dang exciting. So exciting that I might actually decide to go on a vacation to celebrate.

Anyways, just wanted to share the exciting news.

Stay tuned for updates, but mostly for the return of bitter posts again tomorrow.


Bitter Book Ben


18 thoughts on “Bitter Book Bitterness

  1. I’m the fool who has gone the self-publishing route. To date, I have given away far more copies of my books that I will ever sell. If you ever do pull together enough random thoughts for a book, though, you might try that approach. I might even buy one (if I can’t get one for free). J.


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