The Bitter End…of the Year

Hey there, I'm Bitter Ben's Brain.  I snuck on the blog here because well, I get bored a lot.  As you might know, Bitter Ben doesn't use me a whole lot, and I realized that he hasn't done any year end posts.  I know he never will, so I took it upon myself to do it for him … Continue reading The Bitter End…of the Year


The phrase Fogtober was coined by some clever Seattle area twitter user who was so fascinated by the fact that we have had 13 straight days of fog in October, that they thought inventing a term for it would be of interest to someone on twitter.  Luckily their dreams came true when the weather guys on one of our … Continue reading Fogtober

Strike Bitterness

Yesterday, I went to Safeway at 5:30 am to get some mayonnaise.  Actually, Miracle Whip.  I like to put fake cheese on bread with preservatives and fake mayonnaise.  I am a man of simple, artificial tastes.  Some people like "real" cheese and "real" mayonnaise (I'm talking to you dad) on some sort of "real" bad tasting bread.  Not … Continue reading Strike Bitterness

Bitter Review of the Summer

Contrary to popular belief the summer didn't end when the kids went back to school.  Nor did it end when the weather started being rainy, cloudy and coldy.  Or when all the over budgeted, under storied movies started leaving the multiplexes.  Summer's bitter reign of terror ended when the clock struck midnight and her slipper … Continue reading Bitter Review of the Summer

In case you missed being bitter all week…

I know most of the people out there had happy weeks and nothing bad happened on either the world or in their personal lives. For those of you that did have perfect weeks and have nothing to complain about, this post is for you to read so you can find something, anything to be bitter … Continue reading In case you missed being bitter all week…

Bitter Entertainment News (B.E.N.)

As a lifelong ignorer of news, I usually have no idea what is happening in Bosnia or Washington DC or even Seattle.  Sure I've heard of the occasional Disney princess (Miley Virus anyone?) going awry or the forecast of an actual sunny day in Seattle, but the news interferes with me playing video games or napping, which are way more … Continue reading Bitter Entertainment News (B.E.N.)

Bitter Ben Kryptonite

As a 16/7 user of WordPress, I not only blog, but I spy on read other people's blogs, whenever I am not writing or thinking about writing things about bitterness.   I used to go to websites like ESPN and, but ever since being on WordPress, I don't go to them much anymore. If WordPress gets more money for every minute people … Continue reading Bitter Ben Kryptonite

Zombie Apocalypse Bitterness

With the recent outbreak (get it?) of popular movies like World War Z and television shows like The Walking Dead people are worried about a zombie apocalypse.  They should be worried.  Though it appears that most of us are just normal, average, everday citizens, the Zombie Apocalypse is actually upon us right now.  If you don't … Continue reading Zombie Apocalypse Bitterness

Super Bitterness for real

I am so bitter that my Android phone posted that Super Bitterness before I was ready to post.  Arrrghhh!  Now I am Super Bitter at my phone and WordPress for allowing my phone to post something before it was ready.  So without further ado, here is the first paragraph that you have already read, with … Continue reading Super Bitterness for real

Bitter News with Pictures

Sarcasm is my second language.  The only reason it is second is because Bitterness is my native tongue.  I hope to someday learn English fluently.  When I get really ambitious I might learn Spanish bitterness, then possibly Spanish sarcasm.  Don't ever expect me to learn Spanish though. There is finally a way to express my heartfelt … Continue reading Bitter News with Pictures

New button bitterness

Normally I don't post on Tuesday, because it is my least favorite day of the week, but I have added a page at the top of the screen next to my about button.  The reason I did this is because I have been "nominated" for the internet blog awards that go around like Amway. They … Continue reading New button bitterness

Candy bitterness

I have been to some fantastic candy Meccas in the world like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and Candyland.  Also, the Jelly Belly Factory in California, Theo's Chocolate in Seattle, and a place called Hershey, Pennsylvania. What did they all have in common? Boring tours.  But besides that, they were all excursions.  Theo's Chocolate was Seattle and is like 30 … Continue reading Candy bitterness