New button bitterness

A shiny new button.  Get it?

A shiny new button. Get it?

Normally I don’t post on Tuesday, because it is my least favorite day of the week, but I have added a page at the top of the screen next to my about button.  The reason I did this is because I have been “nominated” for the internet blog awards that go around like Amway. They are nice, but are in my opinion,  just a way to get to know other blogs.  I didn’t want the nominations to go unthanked, so I decided to just do a page about them, and then put a link to those that gave them to me and a link to blogs I think you should follow.  It is my bitter way of letting you know that I don’t deserve the awards, but the people that I am linking do.  Does that make no sense at all?  What I am trying to say is, you better follow, like or comment on these people’s legit awesome blogs or I will be bitter at you! Dig?


Bitter Ben


48 thoughts on “New button bitterness

    • Well welcome back to my blog Becca. Long time no see, well on this side anyways. Take a look around. You may remember of a few of the party rooms in the back. Just make sure to clean up before you leave.


      • Can I just couch surf please? I’ll leave Jack outside.

        It’s been a while since I have been on any of my favorite blogs. Unfortunately I am not a speed reader and have trouble keeping up with both sides of the blogging fun these days. But I will always be lurking around. Just know that. I like it too because it sounds pretty creepy.


  1. Tuesdays? There are DAYS? Hmmmm….being retired, it’s all just 168 hours of ass-time for me, or whatever I want… is a priority…mowing the lawn is not.


  2. “Least favorite day of the week” has all kinds of possibilities. A contest, maybe?
    On my street, Tuesday means rounding up the trash and recycling and hauling them out to curbside, and then retrieving the empty recycling bin before it blows away.
    And then there were Saturdays, when I worked a double-shift (“hell day,” as we agreed). Or Mondays, when I’d be assigned to edit obits (always a heavy night, because funeral directors could finally get in touch with everything that had been closed for the weekend). Or Thursdays, back in management, when the exhaustion really kicked in. Oh, my, really adds up.
    You may wind up with a long list of nominations, even with just seven days in a week. The least favorite? All depends.


  3. Oh my goodness! Thank you for posting this! These blogger awards vaguely remind me of chain letters. I am waiting for the next blogger award to say, “You have been nominated for the Useless Blogger Award! (Note: This will not increase traffic to your site or earn you any money.) Post this symbol on your page and nominate 33 other bloggers. If you don’t – expect 33 years of bad luck.”


    • They are definitely chain letters, but I don’t want to make the nominators feel bad for doing it because it is just about helping new bloggers and people that write good stuff to have. The only one I really want is the Freshly Pressed, but I doubt they would do that for a bitter blogger.


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