Scary fog.  The very symbol of Tuesday.

Welcome to Fogtober. 

The phrase Fogtober was coined by some clever Seattle area twitter user who was so fascinated by the fact that we have had 13 straight days of fog in October, that they thought inventing a term for it would be of interest to someone on twitter.  Luckily their dreams came true when the weather guys on one of our local news broadcasts read their tweet on air.  Their dream of doubling their twitter followers from 1 to 2 was realized by the miracle of being mentioned on the weather newscast.  I don’t know what is scarier, fog in a movie that always means someone is going to die, or that a twitter user cared that much about the weather. Regardless, Fogtober has frights for all kinds of bitter people.

This is a really scary one for bitter farmers that fear being chased by people with frozen arms.


This is really scary for farmers that need productive workers.

It’s hard to find productive workers these days.


Scary for those that don’t like being bitterly accused of being murderers.


This is scary for people that are afraid of being accused of being a murderer.

It wasn’t me.  It was the one armed man.


For those that have a fear of bitter janitors.

kill you

I promise I put it in the recycle and not the garbage.


For those who are bitterly afraid of spiders.

scary spider

Men are a afraid of foot long spiders sometimes too.


And finally for those who are afraid of being unproductive.

I'm afraid...I can't work today.

I’m afraid…I can’t work today.

Get out there and face your fears.  I on the other hand, am going to sit on my couch all weekend afraid to get up from the couch because that will cause me to get some sort of motion and that clearly cannot happen.  Bitter Fogtober to everyone.


Bitter Fogtoberfest Ben

67 thoughts on “Fogtober

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  2. so many things here 1. it feels like you are being bitter to my brother -in-law. he is an accountant & you hate math & he’s a meteorologist that saves people from floods in ga, & you don’t like weather.
    2. that ground hog ? is so funny , i can’t quit watching him
    3. is that janitor on the middle now?


  3. The Scrubs gif makes me the opposite of bitter. Possibly my favorite show of all time.
    Fog is so cool—except for people who want to drive or fly or spy on others with binoculars.
    And the spider…if I were in that situation I probably would have just set the couch on fire and run.


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