Holiday Bitterness

Some of these we get off, but not enough.

You can say a lot of negative things about me, because I am a negative and bitter person, but there is one thing that I am good at.  I am a hard worker.  I make it to work early every day and get sick just as much as other people, but I don’t generally call in sick.  I have worked in my current job for 11 years and I have missed maybe 4 days due to sickness.  It just isn’t in my veins to miss work.  I kind of owe to my job to do that. kind of.  What makes me bitter is the holiday makers in this grand country of ours.

As a bitter person, I think that it is time to march on Congress and Washington to get more Holidays.  We as a country just elected a new president.  As a worker for the people of America, he needs to institute more Holidays.  My parents went to Cambodia on a mission and said there were all kinds of ridiculous holidays like Goat’s day.  There was also King’s day, which actually wasn’t just a day, but a week.  I haven’t checked for a little while, but the last time I did, I don’t recall any Holidays in America lasting even two days, let alone a week.  And by way, we have two of the greatest president’s of all time, who not only just get a day, but have to combine their birthdays into a day called President’s day.  And how about we get a roving holiday for the current President’s birthday? I know we are supposed to be a hardworking nation and all, but there is a reason we are all so stressed and bitter.

What he is saying here is, “So I’m good enough to help found this country, but I have to share with Lincoln? Not gonna lie, that make’s me bitter.”

I don’t care if we have to invent some new ones like other countries do or maybe enforce some of the ones that most of us don’t get now.  How about we all get Martin Luther King’s day, both Lincoln and Washington’s Birthday’s, St. Patrick’s, Easter, Flag Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, and how about Halloween?  I just listed 9 holidays that are legit holidays that my company doesn’t give us a paid holiday for.  That list is longer than the actual holidays we do get.  For Halloween, we spend the entire month getting candy, and working on costumes and going to visit haunted houses and yet, at the end of the month, the day we are all spending so much time and money on, isn’t even a day off of work.  Do you see something bitter about this picture?

How about a couple of made up ones?  August might be a month off for kids, but I can’t remember the last time I was a kid.  And it is also the hottest.  Let’s call it sweaty day or the Sun exists in Seattle holiday or something appropriate like that.  I understand that no matter how many holidays we have I will still be bitter about them, but for goodness sake’s this is America, where we have freedom to vote and speech and to bear arms, but we can’t have more holidays?  What is more American than holidays?  Let get to work on giving me more holidays, so I can work on more blogs in the comfort of my couch instead of having to work.

This should be the proposed August Holiday. Sand Day.

Sorry I have to go, because I am working on Veteran’s day when I should be sitting on my couch doing nothing.


Bitter Ben

3 thoughts on “Holiday Bitterness

  1. I would totally support creating some new holidays, especially ones that last a week or longer. Let’s maximize celebration and minimize productivity as much as possible. Just once and a while.


  2. Making up several holidays for us Untied Stateseans is one of your very best idea. After all, if we’re a country that can’t figure out how to celebrate what’s already ready, willing, and able to be a holidy we should just make them up. And celebrate them randomly; each person making up their own and taking them without notice. You’ve really got something there…


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