Canadian Friday Picture Bitterness

It’s Friday again and you know what that means.  I am too lazy to write anything, so I just post pictures taken from the internet that make me bitter and comment about them.  Today, in honor of my neighbors to the north(not in my neighborhood.  They have no honor), Canada, who has an actual government that goes to work today and who also have Thanksgiving coming up in 10 days, today’s post will be Canadian Picture Friday.  So for my several readers from Canada I hope this makes you extra bitter.  And to my bitter readers from everywhere else, I hope this makes you bitter because I didn’t feature your country today.

Candians are funny….

James Carrey.  My favorite actor is actually Canadian.  He isn't crazy because of hyper activity, but because of Red Bull.

James Carrey. My favorite actor is actually Canadian. He isn’t crazy because of hyper activity, but because of Red Bull.

High seven!

High seven!

Are crazy rioters….



It’s a good thing your government doesn’t shut down…No telling what you would do.

Have the toughest street gangs….


Even Texas doesn’t mess with them.

Has tougher superstars….


Just a scratch....

Just a scratch eh…

And crazier sports…

Just another night on the hockey rink...

Just another night on the hockey rink…

…are really nice….


…pretty smart…


Before you eh….

…and really good at getting rids of stars at just the right time…

Dang it, Canada.  You couldn't just keep this one...

Dang it, Canada. You couldn’t just keep this one…

So that is my bitter salute to the Canadians for keeping the government working, and all the others things that make America look bad.  Thanks for all the bitterness this Friday…

Until next time, a bitter Friday to all of you, no matter where you live.

Bitter Maple Leaf Ben


80 thoughts on “Canadian Friday Picture Bitterness

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  4. You made me laugh bc you socked it to our lazy ass govt, but then I got bitter bc dang, our govt sucks. All I know of Canada is making my move to Canada Dry. Here in Texas, our border neighbors are NOTHING like the folks you describe to our north, but I can’t imagine that Canada could ever top Mexican food. How do you reconcile that a polite people like that could go ape#$% at hockey games? Is that where they collectively release their repressed bitterness? We have no Canadians around here, but if you see one, please tell him thank you for Mike Myers.


  5. Canadians really are lovely. One of the best cruises I ever went on was full of Canadians. They were educated, courteous, funny… Canada really is the apartment over the meth lab. O.o


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  7. I believe the police cruiser on the ice was actually looking for a Tim Hortons. Many thanks for the respect, BB, right back atcha and i hope your gov’t is feeling better soon… btw, i think Beiber is going to be putting out a new song every week till December, wait for it…


  8. We invented important things, too. Like acetelyne and garbage bags and the railway car brake ( a real ‘breakthrough’ in train crash prevention ) William McDonald was, of course, a pioneer of the early tobacco industry, buying from the confederate South (no embargo on a Canadian buying tobacco, OH NO HE DIDNT! ) and selling it to the Union North. (Oh…he SO did) and I notice you didn’t include a pic of that Canadian icon, Buffy St Marie. Or Avril Lavigne. Or Karly Rae Jepson. Sorry Joni Mitchell, you’ve been overshadowed. Who me? Bitter? I’m just going to play my Men Without Hats cd and put on my Rush tee shirt…while smoking a McDonald Export A Green. (Which aren’t easy to find in Seattle) and just THINK about how awesome we are.


    • And here I thought you were from Seattle. I don’t think I would have had time for all the Canadian institutions I don’t care about. Thanks for letting me know about all the stuff that would have been revolutionary if they had been invented here.


      • Thanks to Mom and Dad for applying for a green card for me so many many years ago, I do, in fact, reside in Seattle(ish). But I am far too lazy to apply for citizenship. It would require initiative and money, neither of which runneth over in my cuppeth. But I keep track of Canadian inventions like snowmobiles, insulin and domestic life. Yeah, we invented that, too.


  9. well I like those Canadian street gangs…. I clearly remember how bitter we were when we visited Canada for skiing, and they had a -80 degree on mountain cold snap. Eh? Bitter much about the exchange rate, Yanks? 🙂


    • Bring it on shorty. You would have to stand on top of Mt. Rainier just to be able to get up to my height. Even with coaching from your husband you couldn’t hit me while I was laying on my couch from a few feet away.


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