Ignoravirus Bitter Friday Giftures


There has been a lot of talk about viruses this year.  It started small with just a word or two, but little by little it has grown. I guess that is how all viruses spread. Now people are wearing masks, covering their eyes and mouths, and starting to panic.

Yes, the election is this year and politics are starting to invade us like a virus and it seems no matter what we do, we can seem to avoid it. The best we can do is try not to get infected by it and hope that by ignoring it, it will all just go away. I know that some people don’t think there is a cure, but I found one that really works. Back in 2016, when the widespread Clinton-Trump virus was taking over the nation, I had this amazing cure for it. It was called a no cable, subscription to Netflix, binge watch The Office over and over.

I had almost no idea what was going on in the world and it was great. The world wasn’t politics, murder, and war, but Jim, Pam, Dwight, and Micheal. The worries weren’t who was going to be elected, but would Jim and Pam get together? Would Dwight be gone from Dunder Mifflin forever? Would Toby just stop annoying Michael? I still worry about those things today, but now the newsvirus has infiltrated my life and I need to quit it. Speaking of things you can’t quit, here are Bitter Friday Giftures…

This virus reminds me of the advertisements…

Hacked Computer Virus GIF

…of all the ads during the elections.


buy antivirus GIF

…your anti-virus doesn’t always work so well.

Like for instance, all the actor’s speeches…

charlize theron GIF

…at the Oscar’s.

Or when you can’t get them…

Joaquin Phoenix Stop GIF by The Academy Awards

…to stop speaking about protecting the cows.

Maybe this is the only way to protect ourselves…

protection GIF

…from viruses.

Or maybe this…

Bird Box Horror GIF by NETFLIX

…is the only way.

Believe me…

Leah Remini Hug GIF by TV Land

…I love my TV more than life and most people…

But when people like this…

Democratic Debate GIF by MSNBC


And people like this…

republican debate trump GIF

It makes me want to do things…

protection GIF

…like this.

And stuff…

Climate Change Hide GIF by Barbara Pozzi

…like this.

But mostly…

the office GIF


And by this, I mean not being part of society, but mostly, I just want to watch an Office marathon, because reality with its politics, viruses and terrible political Hollywood that wants to punch everything down your face, I just want to be at Dunder Mifflin, helping Jim prank Dwight. Is that too much to ask?


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