Early Friday Halloween Picture Bitterness

You know what is truly scary?  Wishing on a star, knowing that just like the star, your dreams are dead.

You know what is truly scary? Wishing on a star, and knowing that just like the star, your dreams are dead.

Since it is Friday, I always try to present some pictures of things that make me bitter, like the weather being terrible or my knees hurting yet again(I have a streak of like 20 years going right now).  But this week, since there are only 2 Fridays left before Halloween, I decided to dedicate this Friday’s Pictures to things that are scary.

Zombies are scary, but not near as scary as a creature half the size of your finger:



This one is dedicated to the brave Zombie fighters, who just need a little help destroying something much scarier and smaller.


There is the horror of being two minutes late without your time machine handy:

I hope scary boss isn't waiting for me at my desk when I get to work 2 minutes late.

I almost had a heart attack because I thought the alarm wasn’t set.  Then I realized I had three more minutes of sleep.  But it will be a nightmare if I miss my alarm!

Nothing can compare to the Friday nightmare of someone eating a piece, or gasp, even two pieces of my pizza: 

No one better lay a finger on my Butterfinger Pizza.

No one better lay a finger on my Butterfinger Pizza.

In closing, if you are looking for an original, yet very scary costume for Halloween, might I suggest being a Bitter Ben for Halloween:

Just blow up this picture, cut it out and make a mask of it.  It will terrify your friends.

Just blow up this picture, cut it out and make a mask of it. It will terrify your friends.

So have a terrible, bitter and scary Friday.  Because my prediction is that your weekend will be too short and before you know it, the most terrifying thing will happen.  It will be Sunday Night-I-can’t-sleep-because-I-have-anxiety-about-going-to-work-tommorow-nightmare!  No, I have to go to work tommoroooooowwww!  I can’t sleeepppp!!!!


Bitter 2 Fridays before Halloweeen  Ben




48 thoughts on “Early Friday Halloween Picture Bitterness

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    • As soon as I finished it, I was transported to an alien ship. It was weird, but when I got up there, they thought I was so bitter, they just sent me back. They thought I was more of an asset to them by blogging about bitter stuff.


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  5. Wow, that burger looks terrifying. It was trying to eat your head! I just ate a Fat Smitty’s burger on my way to Port Angeles. Totally not on my ‘special diet’ but for once, since I wasn’t driving, we stopped. (If I’m driving we always stop.) I’m posting my pics of the place although I ate the burger so fast I didn’t take pics of it.

    Sorry about the Spurs (not) I’m a Lakers fan. If Tim Duncan weren’t so old they might have done it.


    • Lakers fan? Well, I hope they are as good as people expect them to be, and that Kobe’s injury lingers with him forever….As far as the burger, I got it at a burger joint by the Great Wolf Lodge near Centralia.


  6. My work anxiety dreams are about me waiting tables naked in an upscale restaurant the size of a football stadium. I have orders that I needed to put in two days ago but I can’t find the kitchen. The worst part is that I am naked and nobody notices.


  7. I am sorry for not being commenting on your bitter blog in such a long time. I don’t want to be bitter Ben for Halloween, your bitterly accurate costume looks so much like him and I fear I could never pull it off. I want to be a old school 80’s rocker and stay that way.


  8. Okay, the first picture was HILARIOUS!

    And . . . how in the world did you eat that burger? I’m not talking the whole burger, but how did you even eat a bite of it at a time? That’s RIDICULOUS (in an awesome way). It looked fantastic, but yes, scary.


  9. I liked this because of your Spurs attire. The Spurs as a team are not very scary though. I don’t think they even swear. Except for Pop. I know he swears like a sailor and he is kinda scary.


      • Spurs fan of course. I can’t stand that other team that I refuse to speak the name of or that of any of their players. Ick. I would employ my frying pan to good use on their gigantic noggins.


        • We have one of Spurs fan in the office and him and I couldn’t talk about it for about a week. We just had no clue what to say and went into mourning for about…well we’re still in mourning. That is about as cruel a way to lose a Finals as I have ever seen. Just another reason to hate that team. Fry up those idiots.


  10. shivers – that last part is so true my friend, “Sunday Night-I-can’t-sleep-because-I-have-anxiety-about-going-to-work-tomorrow-nightmare!” I don’t work outside of the home but mommy does. I have these nightmares on Sunday nights because I don’t want her to leave me little piggy butt at home. I mean daddy is here but he’s not the mommy. Capiche? XOXO – Bacon


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