BitterTine’s Day Bitter Friday Giftures


I was talking to my wife the other day and I was comparing the days of the week to the months of the year. For the most part, it makes sense. January is definitely like Monday. Everyone is hungover from the holidays and the bitterness of family and togetherness and rage of the weekend that was November and December. Everyone has lofty goals for Monday/January, but really it is just one of those blah days/months that no one really looks forward to and no one gets any work done.

Then there is the least likable day of the week/month of the year, Tuesday/February. No one got anything done in January/Monday, so now Feb/Tuesday has forced their hand. And when other people start getting desperate to do things to feel productive that always causes everyone else to do things.

February is so short and yet packed with things going on. It starts with a bang on Groundhog’s day, where a tiny rodent determines when spring starts. There is President’s Day, and the most insane holiday, Valentine’s Day, which no one really even knows why we do it, or why it is smack dab in the middle of the busiest insanest month of February. Speaking of insane, let’s get to our Bitter Friday Giftures.


…sand can be so hard.

Other times…

…water is really hard.


…sand is really hard.


…people just need to try to stand out a little.


…wheelbarrows are pretty hard.


…everyone is okay…except the sign…oh and the pedestrian.

Amazon driver’s…

…don’t get paid near enough.

Who knew…

…that steel was so good at cursive?

Would someone…

…like some milk?

Some people…

…are just butt heads.

If this is our future…

…I’m on board.

One of the best reasons…

…why Virtual Reality is the best.

I wish you all a bitter weekend, especially if you have President’s day off and have to deal with kids and grandkids that will be in your house and just want them to go away.


BitterTines Ben

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12 thoughts on “BitterTine’s Day Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. Which monthโ€™s Friday? Iโ€™m kind of thinking October, since Halloween is like the gateway to the holiday season (aka weekend)


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