Bitter Picture/Cartoon of the Week

That is why I like lemonade so much…

That is why I like lemonade so much…

This lemon was just minding his business being all comfortable on the tree, trying to get ripe and all of a sudden someone picks on him(uh I mean picks him).  Do you blame this lemon for being a little bitter and sarcastic?  When life gives you lemons, try not to make them bitter.  Besides, everyone just wants to lump lemons in with lime or with raspberry or cherry or pink or add sugar to it.   And by the way, what flavor is pink?

Why is everyone trying to move in on the poor lemon’s business? Can’t he just sit in the corner being bitter or sour without someone trying to make him more sweet? He just wants to remain yellow and cause someone to make a sour, bitter face and everyone is trying to change him.  Why can’t he just remain true to himself?

The way lemons are treated makes me bitter!


Bitter Ben

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