An Inside Review of the Outside of Inside Out

Something seems to be missing.

Something seems to be missing.

So it’s been pretty hot outside for the last month or so here and by that, I mean it’s been in the 90’s and not rainy at all.  For most people that live in Cairo, you probably laugh and say, “HA HA. We live in a desert where sand and stuff gets in our eyes, like 23 hours a day!” and you would be right, Cairo dwellers.  But most people are smart enough to not live in a desert, and choose rather to have dessert.  Regardless, most of those people that live in the desert probably have air conditioning on their camels.  Well, I don’t.  I have a car that’s only extra is a tiny little auxiliary plug that allows me to put a plug for my Ipod.  Remember those things? The things before phones that allowed you to store music and TV shows and movies on them? Speaking of getting off track, the reason why I started talking about it being hot, was that I and my daughter decided to go to a movie last week called Inside Out.  Some people went to see it because it was a Pixar movie.  I went to see it, because of the promise of the title saying that I would be inside.

Once inside I realized that the reason it was called Inside Out was that someone did some surgery and figured out how to get inside the brain of some 11 year old girl and found out that people only had five different emotions in their head. Let’s take a look at the stars of Inside Out:

Probably so glad that she got to be the first one I talked about.  Control freak.

Probably so glad that she got to be the first one I talked about. Control freak.

Joy – The first one emotion was an insane person with blue hair and a yellow glowy figure.  She was constantly happy, way too bossy and controlly and always wanted to be in charge.  She just couldn’t stand when other people tried to take over the console and that controlled this video game that was this girl’s emotions.  She reminds me of all those people that hog the remote so they can watch shows about feelings and never just want to sit and watch ESPN.  Also don’t touch my stuff get all your non happy emotions on my memories.

Lazy, but not in a good way.

Lazy, but not in a good way.

Sadness –  She also had blue hair and was just plain blue all over.  She was always trying to bring the room down and make people cry.  Just seems like a waste of all the water.  She was also kind of lazy (which in itself is a great thing to be) but then she made people carry her around.  In my experience, a good lazy person just wants to sit on the couch and do what he wants. The last thing they want to do is be carried around.

Looks a little like a muppet.

Looks a little a mix between an account and a muppet.


Fear – This guy was always doing research.  And math.  And stats.  What is the probability that if we touched that thing, we might get germs? Or what are the chances if we eat that banana, that we are going to accidentally drop it on the ground and slip on it and crack our skulls? Or even worse, what are the chances we never get air conditioning and we sweat to death? His job was to keep people safe, but all he did was make them bitter.

A friend of the hulks

I knew this look was familiar. It was the look I always got on dates.

Disgust –  Possibly a friend of the Hulk. Her shiny green hair and green body and green clothes would have fit right in with the Hulk. Might have been what envy looked like because she was green with it.  She’s the one inside all the girls heads who ever went on a date with me.  Didn’t like my pants and shirt combo, or the way I did my hair (meaning didn’t keep it), or the way I always had spinach in my teeth.  Which is weird because I never ate spinach.

A great person to have around when you need some marshmallows for Smores.

A great person to have around when you need some marshmallows for Smores.

Anger – Short, red, fire coming out of his head.  Had a short fuse, maybe also a friend of the Hulk’s, because of his lack of management skills.  Mostly management of himself.  Would possibly be a good person to have in the wilderness because of his ability to light the way in the darkness, and be able to cook the marshmallow part of a Smore.

My assessment of the movie? I’m not sure what it was, but there seemed to be something missing from the movie.  There was a scene in the movie where the emotions of Riley played against the emotions of the dad and the mom and that was pretty spot on.  The dad’s emotions were all focused on a game on ESPN, but was rudely interrupted by a family discussion.  I think if you know any man, this will ring true. But what was really missing? Were all the emotions a person had included? Or was one emotion left out, like usual?

Yes, as usual, bitterness was not mentioned or discussed or even found somewhere deep in the recesses of the mind.  Not one mention.  An imaginary friend even had a big role.  But just like always, the bitterness was left out.  Do you see why bitterness is so bitter all the time?

Now I guess we will never know what Disney thinks bitterness looks like. Typical Disney.






63 thoughts on “An Inside Review of the Outside of Inside Out

  1. Yeah, my hubby took the kids to see this. The kids had nothing to do and I was trying to get him to take them somewhere. A movie was one of the few things he could deal with. Why? You guessed it. Inside and air conditioning. Anyway, I hear they are making an Inside Out 2 with a Bitter character. Really? No.


  2. I’ve been wanting to see this since I worked in a bio-psychosocial emotion research lab in college. Unfortunately, bitter wasn’t a part of any of the studies we reviewed, either. But, I think it should be, dammit! Maybe if anger and disgust got together to procreate, they could have a very nice bitter child! 😀


  3. I saw this over the weekend too, with my son. That Sadness chick really got on my nerves. Also I’m bitter about your warm weather as I sit here shivering and wondering if I should turn the heat on in July.


  4. A few days after seeing “Inside Out”, my son asks, “Mom? If Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger control Riley’s mind…who controls THEIR minds?” MIND. BLOWN. I told him we’d have to wait for the sequel to find out 😉


  5. Interesting take on this movie. Everyone who I know has something different to say about it, leading me to wonder what’s up with it? If I were a bitter person I’d think that the movie wasn’t really about understanding emotions, but just a way to make money. I’m just saying, no disrespect intended… 😉


  6. I’m kind of surprised Jealousy isn’t a character. Or was that basically Disgust? It’s amazing the type of movies Pixar comes up with.


    • I think there are a way bigger range of emotions they could have used, but they couldn’t do all of them justice. I think they really only used three really well in the movie. But bitterness could have been great. HA! HA!

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