Bitter Leftovers -Bankruptcy

It’s pretty clear I’m not famous, which is fine, because who wants to be hassled with having people around ALL. THE. TIME.? I’m sure there are some perks to being famous, like being able to yell at assistants, show up late to stuff, pout in your trailer and appear in magazines as a complete tool, then make up really fake apologies that appease your loyal fans.  These are the pretty awesome perks, but I think the best one is the fact that you can accumulate wealth, so you can then spend it all and more!

I mean how famous are you really if you don’t have 80 cars, four homes and all kinds of entourage you can pay for doing nothing.  Well, Allen Iverson, Donald Trump and 50 Cent(perhaps he spend way more than that) and MC Hammer have proven that they are the best of the best when it comes to being famous. They have declared bankruptcy.  Micheal Scott show us how:

I want to declare it too.

I want to declare it too.

This is why I’m not famous.  And this is why I’m not rich.  Because I just don’t like standing up in front of people and talking, let alone yelling.  Ugggh.


Bitter Not So Bankrupt Ben


32 thoughts on “Bitter Leftovers -Bankruptcy

  1. I am so bitterly resentful of people who declare bankruptcy–like, you can owe so many people a TON of money and just get a free pass?!?! WTF?? Like, “Oops, my bad! Clean slate please!” So unfair.


  2. I just read that 50 Cent is claiming to be broke so that he wont have to pay some sort of legally incurred fine. So maybe you are more like 50 Cent than you thought.


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