Sunday Comic Bitterness

I don’t know about you, but once I became a blogger, my family and bitter people who call themselves my friends, started giving me suggestions on what I should “blog about”.

Random family member: “Hey you should do a bitter blog about traffic.”

Me: “Yeah, I never would have thought of doing one on traffic.  Not my 6th post, or the time it was included in the 323rd, or that other time I mentioned it in the 269th.  Thanks for bringing a non obvious one to my attention.”

Another Random Family Member: “You should do a bitter blog about that one time I had a really bad customer service experience.”

ME: “Yeah, that is faaaascinating.  Please tell me more about how YOUR experience will work perfectly with MY blog.  Please recount over and over again your experience.  I’m totally taking mental notes with my eyes closed.”

I write about whatever I want to, not what other people suggest, just like most bloggers.  Well, Dad, I’ve made an exception for you, so it’s your lucky day.  And a bitter one for me.  Since it is Sunday and that’s a day for traditionally reading the comics, I’m gonna bite the bullet and use some of the fantastically bitter comics you keep sending me.  These go to prove that even something that is supposed to be funny is really bitter.  Just like me.



Ahh, the classic pun.  Some say the pun is the lowest form of humor. In my opinion, the ones who don’t likes pun, have NO sense of humor. I also say the bigger the groan from using a pun, the better the pun.


Or cranky young guys. I’m bitter because I thought of this idea here and here way before he did.  I’m thinking a royalty check should be on it’s way as we speak.


I wouldn’t be hard to convince me to take a bitter potion.  Just tell me it was bitter and I would do just about anything.  Especially if it was in a donut or pizza.


Considering that MegaMan looks like I would if I put on a ridiculous looking superpower suit, I would be bitter if I was MegaMan.  I would just want to retire and play video games on the couch if I were him too.

If weasels are really good at finding bitter unsuccessful scientists, why have they not found me yet? I’m also unsuccessful at math, customer service and writing.  I should be their prime target.


First of all, what is a raise? And second, it’s pretty amazing what kind of great stock tips you can get from a comic strip.  Scribbling….wait until the price of a stock goes way up…then I will know it is a good investment…also, someone told me they had some seaside property in Kansas and a bridge that connects Alaska to Russia…make sure to buy them…

Well, there you have it.  Some Bitter Sunday comics to read on a Sunday.  Now you don’t even have to steal your neighbor’s Sunday paper to read the comics this morning.  Or have to actually go online and read them.  Don’t ever say I didn’t do anything for you.  Or ever do one of those blog posts you suggested, Dad.

Oh, and a bitter birthday shout out to my younger brother Paul, who probably isn’t bitter at all that he’s over 40…again. Don’t worry though.  He won’t read this.


Bitter Comic Sans Ben






18 thoughts on “Sunday Comic Bitterness

  1. Which reminds me, I have some terrific suggestions of what you should blog about… Just kidding. But good for you, taking your father’s suggestion on a day other than Father’s Day. You’re a good son.


  2. Whenever my bitter friends suggest a blog post topic, I generally take the same approach that my wife takes when I suggest a home improvement scheme to which she will reply “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.” I’ve not made any suggestions to her in over twenty years, so I know it can work.


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