In case you missed it…because you were busy failing at playing in traffic

Breaking Bitter resolutions should be a TV show.

Go have fun running in traffic.

I understand weekends get really busy doing things like perusing the internet for movies to go to, watching people on TV hiking and biking and watching the snow outside not being shoveled.  Then there is the whole playing in traffic.  Since I am an observer of other people in general, and also a connoisseur of seeing people suffer in particular, watching car dodging is one of my favorite activities for other people to do.

I organized letters into really confusing words this week:

On Tuesday, traffic was brought up again when the Struggle Bus dropped off the hard work avoiding television stars like the Kardashians, the Biebers and the Cyruses.

Noizes were made by shoes, other people’s kids and that stupid invention Alexander Graham Bell invented 138 years ago.

On Friday, the week’s Face needed to be Punched in the form of Giftures because of how much of a pain in the butt it was.

Twitters were bittered:

Comments were made:

On the Struggle Bus:

“I think there is some chemistry there betwixt the sickle-clawed Carnivore and America’s sweetheart. Maybe he would use his claw to scrape that white yeasty mess off Miley’s tongue, which clearly hasn’t been brushed since she was on Hannah Montana.” Kerbey

“The wheels on Ben’s bus go round and round…right off a cliff.” brickhousechick

On the Noize Bitterness:

“Phones make me super bitter. I sat on the bus this morning just marinating in bitterness as the loud mouth behind me yapped on the phone. Hey chick, no one cares about what you, like, pick for your like major or whatever. I don’t know what made me more bitter, the phone call on a silent sanctuary of a bus or the excessive use of: like, whatever, and you know.” QuickStepp

“I am apparently so noisefree and insignificant that my new neighbors are never worried about disturbing anyone when they set their speakers on full blast. Grrrr.” MissFourEyes

On the Face Punching Bitter Picture Friday:

“One of the best opening lines ever!
Took me a couple minutes before I could continue reading I was laughing so hard. The rest of the post caused even more hilarity now I’m at least ten minutes behind on my nights reading.” Disfunctionalunit

“I’m sending a lot of fuzzy brain noise to you at this moment. You should be getting it the minute you finish reading this comment….buzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I sat here for 15 minutes after I read your post and that was the comment I came up with….isn’t that ironic?” rynolexson

“Bravo sir. Bravo. The chap kicking in the car windscreen was initially my favourite gif (what country was that in?) but the Streetfighter kick-out was just outstanding.” Sean Smithson

To sum up the week have some Bonus Bitter Pictures for the week:

This weekend, get some Bitter Revenge:

Get some bitter revenge.

No one puts baby in a closet. 

and take a swing at being worse at something:

learn to like golf less.

Take some lessons at liking golf less.

Just in case you have forgotten that Monday is tomorrow here’s your bitter reminder, suckers!


Bitter Reminder Ben


22 thoughts on “In case you missed it…because you were busy failing at playing in traffic

  1. This just proves my point that sprinklers are the source of all evil and misery. Seriously, every time I even touch my foot on someone’s lawn I trip on a stupid sprinkler. What’s the point of grass anyway if you can’t even walk near it?


  2. How did I miss all these Twitter updates?! I would have retweeted and TweetReplied? back at you! Dammit Ben, slow down. Stop being so damn, Bittfast ( Bitter +Fast=new word).
    You’re welcome.


    • You know, it’s not too late to go back and do all those things you said you were gonna do to my Tweets. I will be teaching a Twitter class on how to find someone tweets and favorite them even if you weren’t actually waiting around all day to find them. I expect to see you signing up for that one.
      Oh and thanks for inventing that new word for me. Can I use that idea to make a new one called Bittafuture?


        • Step #1: If you want to look up an individuals tweets, go to your following list and find that person.
          Step #2: Click on their link. See list of tweets. Enjoy.
          Step #3: Be bitter at person teaching you how to do this because of their arrogance.


      • PS, I made my own GIFs to put into my blog and they don’t work…how do you do it, master of GIFs?

        I spent 3 hours trying to put them in and now i don’t even remember what my post was about… sheesh


        • Go to the GIF you found on the internet and right click and do a copy. Then when you are in the post, put the cursor where you want the gif and do a paste. Or you can put it in your pictures and do it another way. Or you could just come to my computer and I’ll show you how. Do you have a transporter machine? 😐


        • LOL no no no I made my own GIFs and they wont play on wordpress! I thought maybe you knew a secret trick or something.

          However, I will work on the transporter in the meantime, i might know someone who has one.


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