In Case You Missed It…because you were trying to Save Mr. Banks

Bitterest character ever... until the Bitter Ben movie doesn't come out.

Bitterest character ever… until the Bitter Ben movie doesn’t come out.

If anyone has seen the epic, Saving Mr. Banks, you’ve seen one of the bitterest characters in cinema history. No, I’m not talking about Walter Disney.  The point of the movie wasn’t about how P.L. Travers wrote this book about a nanny called Mary Poppins, but how she humiliated the Walt guy by telling him that he couldn’t use the color red in his movie.  Because she could.  This lady stood up to the King of Nice, Happy and Overly Sappy, Mr. Disney himself.  For that alone, this person gains my bitter respect.  She went to Disneyland and told him how ridiculous Disneyland was(of course I’ve said that too, but she got to tell him to his face).   Take that Walter!

This week there were bitter posts about other things.  Many people face pressures of work, kids and fulfilling resolutions.  I talked about the pressures of fitting out, not of clothes, for which I surely have had, but of people just leaving me alone.  I worked hard on maintaining an invisible profile, but failed minimally.

There was shortened version of a class offered at the B.I.T.T.E.R. School for Bitterness for beginners of the bitterness profession called Bitterness for Dummies.  It gave a few of the principles before signing up for the paid class.

Then of course, a 2014 Retrospective and Friday Giftures were offered as a look back at the year 2014, which in my Bitter opinion was the worst year on record.

Things were Bitter tweeted:

There were comments:

On Pressures of Fitting Out:

“No way! I was voted ”the most epic social awkwardness you have ever seen” too! It took years to perfect the awkward smile, but I think I finally got it right.” Miss Four Eyes

On Bitter For Dummies:

“Practicing my jedi bitter scowl and igno-ray! Let the bitterness flow through me!” Cupitonians

On 2014 Retrospective and Friday Gifitures:

“I don’t like to look back, and I don’t believe in looking forward. Looking back is depressing, looking forward lends itself to disappointment. Either way, very bitter not to just live in the moment.” SJ Powers

There were also some Bonus Bitter Gifitures:

When my boss comes walking by:


I’m so freaking busy right now!

They should have stored joy in a better safe:

It's been my goal my whole life.

Thank you for the compliment, Micheal Scott.

I would pay a thousand Shrute Bucks to do this to the whole world.


I made a really Shrute decision on this one.  Nailed it!

Alright, I’m going to go ahead and end this thing because the Golden Globes are on and they need to be mocked right now.  The speeches are horrible, the people are even worse and no one is going to read this thing because they are also busy doing that too.  Bitter weekend to you bitterites!


Bitter Banky Ben

31 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It…because you were trying to Save Mr. Banks

  1. I am glad that you pointed out how PL Travers was able to be herself and get her way! It never hurts for a ‘bigwig’ to be put in his/her place! Funny stuff!! Sorry, but I do like the awards shows, never sure but somehow in my early childhood years I started watching them all! I wrote a way too long review on the Golden Globes! Smiles, Robin


  2. Now I wish I would have watched the Golden Globes 😦 I feel so out-of-the-loop now! What else can I be bitter about this week without having viewed it?


  3. Saving Mr. Banks was an incredible movie. I loved it. I thought Mrs. Travers’ bitterness was hilarious. I can’t believe she told Walt Disney there couldn’t be any red in the movie, just because she wasn’t feeling that color anymore (and then later had red painted toe nails). It was just really, really good. I think I love Mary Poppins (who has been one of my heroes since I first watched the movie – I mean have you seen how much stuff she can carry around in her carpet bag? And she flies in on an umbrella.) even more now.


  4. So funny. I haven’t been around the blogosphere in a few days and I definitely missed my dose of bitterness. I need to see this Mr. Banks movie.
    Also, I totally did that furious typing thing early. It was just a mumbo jumbo scream of consciousness like “look at me I am typing so hard I’m a freaking hard workerre oh crap I made Typo but can’t stoop.”


    • It sucks when you have to leave the blogiverse for a little while because you have to do work and spend time with your family. Luckily they don’t need you all the time.

      That lady and Mr. Banks so amazingly bitter that she stole the show from Mr. Disney. It was so great.


  5. I’m bitter about all these awards shows cutting into my real tv watching time…. The only thing worse is whenever the President preempts my favorite shows because he decided we need a State of the Union (and I’m not just talking the current one…all the past ones are included, too).


  6. My favorite Golden Globes speech was that woman who literally couldn’t come up with anything to say. So she told everyone a quote her mother used to say about people going to hell and staying there.


  7. Golden Globes mocked? I’ll give it my best shot. I have trouble sleeping, THEN I turned on the Golden Globes and fell asleep in my chair… What?? Yes, IT WAS A SNOOZE FEST. Even Amy Poler (Who I LOVE) couldn’t revive that Turkey, it was like watching drunk people at a wake. (Moet champagne anyone?) ZZzzzzzzzzz (Sleepy just thinking about it…)


  8. Multitasking- watching the football game, the Golden Globe arrivals AND criticizing everything while eating hummus.
    Fav comment of the night? “Gravity. A film in which George Clooney chooses to cut himself free and die alone in space rather than spend another hour with a woman the same age as he is.”
    That wins as ‘Most Bitter Comment’ of the night.


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