In case you missed it…because you were busy breaking your resolutions

Breaking Bitter resolutions should be a TV show.

Breaking Bitter. It should be a television show about breaking resolutions.  Perhaps on the Bitter Entertainment Network?

It’s 2014.  Isn’t it about time Marty McFly is supposed to come to Hill Valley and change something around so this place sucks much better?  Shouldn’t I be required to wear two ties and Skype with my terrible boss at work?  Is the internet really the only highway in the sky instead of the flying car highway? Isn’t the Doc supposed to have banged his head on the toilet and invented the flux capacator by now? Gosh dang it. Why should I set any sort of goals when all I see is failure all around me? Am I expected to do all these things by myself?  No.  I’m the guy that makes up all the bitter things that others should be inventing them and giving me all the credit.  Speaking of bad ideas, I wrote a few blogs last week.

Let start with terrible blog Tuesday.  It was the Bitter End of the Year, where I was at work not celebrating a day where people wear idiotic hats and go to parties where they will promise they will do something different next year.  I do the same thing every year.  Not come up with goals and not accomplish them.  Cause change is for suckers.

Next, let’s head down to terrible Blog Thursday.  It was a day in which I came back to work again and how I had a minus amount of motivation to be at work, so of course, when you feel like that, you should write a blog post.  So no one will be inspired to be bitter at all.  So I published a shiny Distracting Picture, so you wouldn’t realize that I was completely out of any ideas.

Then Freaking Bad Friday Post came along and it was a bunch of pictures that reminded you that gravity will win every time, which makes us all slaves and losers to gravity.  I also forgot to change the title so it probably made no sense.  What am I, one of these Zero to Hero bloggers?  Nope.  I’m the opposite.  I’m a Hero to Zero blogger.  Without the Hero part.

I did some Bitter Twitter this week:

I had some bitter comments:

The Bitter End of the Year:

“Did one of those posts explain why you are so bitter? Here”s my theory – you got bitten by a spider, but instead of becoming SpiderMan, you lost a chunk of flesh in your leg. Am I close?” cat9984

Bitter Distraction:

“Boy, can I relate.” Snow

Friday Pictures:

““Life knocks you flat!” – Velma Buzzard (1910-1998)” – Schnoodles

Here’s some pictures about my weekend…

Without any side effects.

Without any side effects.

I was working on stuff…

Saturday was fun...

Saturday happened.

Okay so maybe I do have a goal.

I didn't get what I wanted.

I didn’t get what I wanted.

Bitter trails to yall.  You’ve got all kinds of things to look forward to after you’re done reading this post.  Like having a nightmarish night thinking about Monday and how you have to go back to work.


Bitter Procrastination Ben


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